Thursday, February 4, 2016

Have you ever had that feeling of pure anxiety when a car needs an unexpected part replaced.. When a dishwasher or washing machine unexpectedly breaks… when the air conditioner breaks in the mid of summer…

You know. That panic. OH MY GOSH— where are we going to get the money from.. I can’t afford it… The credit cards are maxing out…

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I KNOW THAT FEELING. I lived it for far too long.

I have been there. Three years ago.. The anxiety was causing me to have panic attacks- depression- stress and more. We couldn’t make it paycheck to paycheck- let alone pay for an unexpected bill.




The financial FREEDOM of not having to worry….

Guys. It’s priceless.


I became a coach because:

I knew that coaching was not a get rich quick thing.

I knew it would take WORK.

I knew that it was my VEHICLE FOR CHANGE.

I just can’t even tell you enough how much our lives have changed because of this OPPORTUNITY.


Screen Shot 2016-01-07 at 7.19.33 PM

It can change your life too.

If you commit to change.

If you commit to growing into the person deserving of the benefits.

If you commit to going all in- doing the WORK- everyday- consistently- for a long period of time…

You can.

If you want it bad enough.

Make the sacrifices. It’s worth every second.

Are you on the fence? Are you worried that this is too good to be true? Please fill out the application and we can set up a time to talk and see if this is right for you.

Coming from the once ‘biggest skeptic (me)’… keep your mind open and trust the process. When you want something bad enough- and you are willing to work for it— the rewards will blow your mind!

Because- when you have a day like I did today…

And have an¬†unexpected car emergency that is costing a few hundred dollars. And I don’t bat an eye or even think twice about the swipe of that debit card.

THAT is an amazing feeling!


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