Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Free 7 Day Clean Eating Group

I just love the month of November! It is when the weather really starts to change, it is a whole month of gratefulness and counting our blessings and it is the month before CHRISTMAS! My favorite holiday!! I can’t wait for Thanksgiving and yes– all of the yummy food that will be made on that day. I decided today that I want to give back. I decided that I want to give you guys a little glimpse into my ‘clean eating lifestyle’ to show you that it is really an awesome way to eat! And yes- we will be eating a lot of ‘clean’ foods for Thanksgiving and I have fooled many family member/friends. Nothing ‘tastes’ healthy 😉 But it is!

So- tis the season! I am running a FREE 7 day free clean eating group because this is the #1 thing that my clients struggle with! It was the #1 thing that I struggled with! So, it’s time to share the wealth in this 7 day trial! I will share the basics and show you how easy it is to really get the ball rolling!!

Clean eating has helped my family and myself in so many ways! We are in much better health, duh 😉 Our moods are better, our bodies are properly nourished, we don’t crave sweets often, we aren’t tired all the time and the list goes on. We do not diet. Ewh. Hate that word! This is a lifestyle and it is real! We have an 80/20 standard! 80% of the time we are clean eating and the other 20% we eat whatever the heck we want! It’s great!

I will tell you- it took me three weeks to really stay on track. I did NOT like oatmeal or brussel sprouts or asparagus… ewh. I was not a happy camper! BUT- I just committed to giving it three weeks. I could do anything for three weeks. I was TIRED of feeling sick and tired!! So, I went all in. That was two years ago and I haven’t looked back. I gagged down my oatmeal for the first week and then I actually started to like it. Then I started to CRAVE it.. Same for the veggies. I adjusted and it has been the best decision ever!

It was definitely hard to lose the poptart and soda addiction! I got headaches- bad!! BUT they only lasted about 3-4 days and then it was like I pulled my head out of the clouds!!! It was a little difficult to get the kids on board.. they were 3 and 5 at the time.. BUT– we did the whole 3 week plan and listened to the tantrums at meal time every night.. and then– miraculously around week 3– our oldest ASKED FOR BRUSSEL SPROUTS. AHHHHHH!!! That was an awesome feeling! 
It took time. Time to adjust. Time to find good recipes. Time to kick most of the bad habits. But it was just a journey where we committed to never giving up. 

If you are serious about learning how to eat clean get the book:  “EAT CLEAN RECHARGED” by Tosca Reno.  It completely changed the way I looked at food!

So if I can help the process along by giving you a 7 day meal plan, daily accountability, motivation and support then I am all for it!  

What are the requirements?

1.  You must make me your official Beachbody Coach by going to my site and creating a free profile.  This way I can send you recipes, meal plans and monthly motivation and tips to keep you on track with your lifestyle.

2.  You must participate for the next 7 days in our online closed facebook group each day!  

3.  Commit to checking in 1x per day, rating your day and charting your progress.

4.  Invite 2 friends to join!  Why not bring a few friends along for the ride! There is nothing better than having an accountability partner in the next 7 days!!!!  You are more likely to stick with it if you have someone by your side.

What do you get for joining? 

1.  You get a free 7 day meal plan.
2.  A grocery list.
3. A place to check in daily, ask questions, get support and motivation.
4.  Daily tips that have worked for me.
5.  Strategies to handle emotional eating and temptations.

Are you ready to get started?  We will begin the group on Monday November 10th so please reserve your spot today!

>>>>>Email me at or send me a message on my like page at to get enrolled in the free group!

*Note-  This is for new and existing customers.  If you are already a coach or have a coach you are working with please contact your coach for details on their next group!

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Sunday, November 2, 2014

My Meal Plan and Weekly Game Plan

Okay- so let’s be real. I’ve been off my game lately. It happens! I haven’t fallen off the wagon or anything, but my meal planning hasn’t been happening and I’ve been going long stretches without eating and then… let’s just say that I become a carb monster and want it all.
So today- it’s GAME ON for this girl. I’m getting STOKED for the new release of Insanity Max 30 happening in December– so to get prepped and ready– I’m taking on 4 weeks of T25 beta/gamma hybrid! And i’m doing the 21 Day Fix meal planning (can you tell by the color coordinated meal plan?)!!
So- here is my game plan. 
I did my meal plan today. I am going grocery shopping this afternoon. When I get home it’s MEAL PREP TIME!!
So- I will precook about 7 pounds of chicken for salads throughout the week (or perhaps I will buy precooked rotisserie chickens to just pull apart and toss on the salad– either way– it will be great protein!!
I soak all of my fruits and veggies in a sink full of luke warm water with 1 cup white vinegar in it for 30 minutes. It takes off any dirt, grime, grossness that is on our fresh produce! Works awesome!

I will cut up veggies and fruits for the week too. I find that they veggies last all week, but for the berries I cut them up every 3 days to keep them from going bad. 
I pre portion my almonds and I put my greek yogurt into containers too! I love tupperware! I have it pouring out of my cabinets, but it works for us! So MUCH EASIER to know that I just open up my fridge and grab out the planned meal/snack!
Then– for dinners I will literally put together as much of it as I can. 
I will pre make the meatloaf and stick it in a pan and put it in the fridge to cook tomorrow. I will put foil on my sweet potatoes so all I have to do is pop them in the oven tomorrow when the meatloaf cooks. 
I will also put together my zucchini lasagna AND bake it today. It will stay good up to 3-4 days and it actually tastes BETTER the longer it sits together after it cooks! 
I will put all of the ingredients together for my chicken tacos in a ziplock bag and freeze it. The come Thursday I will grab it from the freezer and stick it in the crockpot to cook all day. PERFECT MEAL. 
I will do the same for my chili. I’m putting it all together, putting it in a tupperware container and freezing it until SATURDAY when I will cook it down and eat it on Sunday. 
Chicken cheesesteak- I will cut up all of my chicken, peppers and onions today and freeze it until Saturday. That meal takes less than 30 minutes to make- so it will be easy to toss them in a pan together and let it cook down on Saturday night!
PHEW! I think that’s it! 
Seriously though- PLANNING WILL HELP YOU SUCCEED! I don’t love to take 3 hours out of one day to plan and prep– but I tell you what. It saves me over 10 hours during the week!! So it is WORTH IT!! 
Grab a girlfriend and a glass of wine and do it together!! Make it fun!!
I will also keep you guys posted on my workouts this week!! Today I did Beta Speed 2.0! It was AWESOME!! Love the sweat!! 

Let’s start NOW! Do not wait until the New Year!! Take charge and go all in! I’m here to help! If you need help meal planning, workouts, clean eating– contact me today!

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