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From BBQ’s & Birthday Parties to Vacations- How Do I Plan and Stay Ahead of the Game?

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Hey ladies!!!!

I don’t know about you, but I feel like it should still be January 1st?! I mean, how is it even possible that we are rounding the corner to SUMMER already? I guess it’s really because time flies when you’re having fun!! I also know that this time of year can be stressful because it gets warm and kids get out of school, we have to really have our days and weekends planned out! Family cook outs, birthday parties, pool parties, gradation parties and vacations are just a few things that we will all be adding to our calendars, that is why it is so important to remember stress only happens when we allow it– and we can only control the controllable!

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So-, what will I be doing starting NOW to make sure that my summer is fun, adventurous and full of memory making? Here are a few tips for you!

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#1- Plan ahead as much as possible! So last night my hubby and I sat down with our calendars and we started to plug in dates on the calendar! We know when a few vacations are happening, we have a couple of work retreats, our daughter’s birthday is next month and so on. We wrote in the dates and that’s how we start! We also know that we love to entertain, so we put 2x a month to have friends over for BBQ’s and good times! And as things pop up, we will decide TOGETHER if it is something that we want or need to attend and then decide if they are getting written out on the calendar. We focus on PRIORITIES FIRST! Family comes first, and if it is an event that feels more like an obligation than something that will make us better, then we will politely decline. It’s okay to say no if it’s not on your priority list!!

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Chicken fight in the water!

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#2- Thankfully for my husband and I, we own our own business and we are both blessed to be home full time! So we do not have to worry about finding childcare for our kids during the summer! They get both mommy and daddy everyday! But if you are someone who works full time and needs help, my tips for you are to start looking into local day camps and bible schools as well as a trustable nanny to help care for your children. I know our local children’s museum is notorious for great day camps! Drama theater, art week, sports week, dance, etc! You name it, they provide it and the kids love to have fun!

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#3- If you’re anything like me- I have to make sure that my body is in check before I pull out the shorts, tanks and swim suits! I exercise 6 days a week and really keep on point with my nutrition most of the time, because when I don’t feel comfortable and confident with myself, then I’m surely not going to feel comfortable and confident in a swim suit! So it’s time to take action NOW in order to feel your best in 6 weeks! There is no way in heck that I am going to let a few extra pounds stick around when I know that if I lose them now and get my metabolism going, stick to good food choices- then I will be okay to have ice cream with the kids once a week and I won’t feel guilty for drinking that mojito by the pool! I am all about balance!! I live by an 80/20 rule with my nutrition and that is what I teach my clients to do as well. NO WAY am I going to turn down my favorite treats once or twice a week! It’s a lifestyle! BUT, I will not allow myself to indulge too much! I FIRST always focus on getting the 10 pounds off and then being a little more lenient. It’s all about moderation! We want to feel AMAZING in our own skin and of course- in that bikini by the pool!!

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22 min hard corps treated me well!! Bikini ready!

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Fun in the sun!

#4- Do not throw care to the wind on your life goals just because the sun is out and parties are starting up! Sure it’s easy to say “I will do it tomorrow,” but remember- we can only give 100%. There is no 50% today and 150% tomorrow. It is all 100% everyday. Do you own your own business? Do you work full time? Are you a full time stay at home mommy? Do not lose sight on what matters most to you! Keep momentum driving forward and live everyday to make yourself and your family happy! And that means remember WHY you set the goals and what is going to get you to achieving them!

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Let’s start planning the best summer season yet!! Do you want to lose 5-15 pounds before summer? CLICK HERE for details on my Lose the Last 10 Pounds Summer Slimdown Series!!

Screen shot 2016-04-27 at 1.39.29 PM

Let’s do summer together! It’s all about finding our own balance and moderation and doing what works!! And sometimes- we just need to have fun little cocktail too!! Here’s a yummy recipe below:

Skinny Coconut Mojito

Skinny Coconut Mojito


  • 1 Lime
  • 1/2 cup fresh mint
  • 2 tbsp Simple syrup
  • 1 Sparkling water
  • Handful of Ice
  • 1/4 cup white Rum
  • 1 cup Coconut water

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Monday, April 25, 2016

How To Lose The Last 10 Pounds Support and Accountability Online Focus Group


Well guys!! The time is coming… SUMMER is right around the corner! Depending on where you live- I’m sure you are starting to see some gorgeous weather and with sunshine and warmth brings… shorts and tank tops and bathing suits! Right?!! We literally have less than 40 days until Memorial Day weekend and it’s gonna creep up on us FAST!!!

do your best and forget the rest!

do your best and forget the rest!

And as the summer season approaches– I bet that for some it means that you are about to begin to uncover all the bad choices, the late night snacks, the drinks and the holiday goodies you have been eating!  It means that everything you were eating in private will be revealed in public.  It really means… that unless if you want to reveal all of the ‘little extras’ that have been indulged in… then it’s time for you to take some action NOW so that way the reveal will be SHOCKING to yourself and so many others!! You want to feel GREAT, look GREAT and LOVE the skin your in. Right?!

Trust me– we all know that you can’t hide behind jeans and sweatshirts in the summer. And who even wants to do that?! Don’t you want to enjoy pool and beach time with your family? Don’t you want to feel confident instead of pulling at your clothes and not enjoying yourself as YOUR BEST SELF this summer season? YOU ARE IN CONTROL!!! And I can help you change NOW, step by step so you have the results you WANT by Memorial Day and keep going all through the summer!


My mission: To help other moms transform their bodies from the inside out. To teach those of you who are crazy busy (like me) work outside of the home or stay at home with your babes get real results and run the race of gaining confidence, improving your body image and increase your ENERGY so you aren’t tired all the time and you can keep up by feeling like super mom/super woman! Trust me- it can and will be done!! If you dive in and trust the process!!
One major excuse line you won’t get away with from me is: “I am too busy.” {{EERRRRRRKKK- WRONG}}. That’s just not gonna fly!!
There are so many workouts that are under 30 minutes now.  The 21 Day Fix, 21 Day Fix Extreme, Insanity Max 30, 22 Minute Hard Corps and Hammer and Chisel.  Plus they all come with super easy portion controlled meal plans that are basically fool proof.  When I started my journey I was doing 30-55 minutes of workouts daily and I had to figure out the nutrition all on my own.  You are going to have much faster success than I did for this very reason!!!
Screen shot 2016-04-18 at 2.27.50 PM
– I lost 15 pounds with a husband who was deployed constantly, a toddler, a preschooler and living in a new city.- I had no family around me, no one to call to watch my kids or help me out– it was just me to do IT ALL. And I CREATED the time for ME.-We didn’t have a lot of money to spend on food and exercise programs.-I was constantly feeling depressed and having a lot of anxiety problems. I missed my family, my friends and most of all, my husband! I was the one who  had to take control of my life.

Screen shot 2016-04-25 at 11.55.02 AM

But, I truly wanted to change more than I wanted to stay the same.  I was WILLING to make some short term sacrifices for long term results!

The best part of my online support and accountability groups is that we can relate to one another and help each other through. It’s a decision that takes us out of our comfort zones for a little bit, but only to find out that the BEST PART is what happens on the outside of the comfort zone.. we overcome our fears and become a whole new person!!!

One piece of advice I want to share with you is this…  Don’t wait until May to start working out.  It is going to take longer than 4 weeks to get the results that you want.  You want to start now!  It takes between 4-6 weeks to really start seeing the fruits of your labors.  Start making 1 small change now so that you can see the compound effect by the time your family vacation, wedding, or other event rolls around.

Screen shot 2016-04-25 at 11.54.45 AM

So what I am going to do for you is this:

1.  I want to cut your learning curve with meal planning, healthy recipes, motivation and tips.

2.  I am going to share with you what I did to lose 15 pounds in 3 months, to create a healthier lifestyle not just for myself but for our family too.

3.  Give you tools to make your workouts a lifestyle change vs a crash diet.

4.  Help you with quick easy, on the go meals and snacks for your busy lifestyle.

5.  Give you sample meal plans to help with the planning.

6.  A place to stay accountable with daily check ins and tips specific to the things that come up in every day life.  How to handle eating out at restaurants, late night cravings, parties, and vacations.

As a soccer and cheer mom we have a jam packed schedule of after school activities, homework and I still run a full time business.  This momma has to plan her time wisely!  So let me help you! From one mom to another… lets get our butts in gear and crush it!! I share everything I’ve learned and done (the things that work and what don’t) over the last three + years! I know what’s up and THIS is LEGIT! You don’t want to miss out! Let’s do the FIT LIFE TOGETHER!!!
We can’t use our kids as excuses because we NEED to be good parents and set the example for living a well balanced and healthy lifestyle.  It starts with the example that we lead by!

Screen shot 2016-04-25 at 11.57.17 AM

So here is the official scoop!!!

Starting on May 2nd l I am launching the LOSE THE LAST 10 POUNDS support and accountability group.  This group will take place on the newest challenge tracker app which you join through me as your coach.  I will match you up with a fitness program and nutrition plan that meets your needs.  We will set realistic and achievable goals and together we will set out to take it 1 day at a time and change your old habits into newer and healthier ones!!!

So if this sounds like something you would like to do the next step is to complete the application below.  This will help me to make personalized recommendations based on your needs and wants.

**Note if you already work actively with a coach please do not apply. This is for my new and current customers only.

My goal is to give you the tools and the support you need to have an awesome, confident and energized summer!


For further details and to stay up to date on all the goods- CLICK HERE—> HOW TO LOSE THE LAST 10 POUNDS. 


Are you in??  Lets do this together!  I want to help you take control of YOU and live life to the fullest.
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Monday, April 18, 2016

What A Difference A Month Makes!

Wow guys!! I realized this week that I went on a little blogging hiatus and it needs to stop! The last month around the Bozzo household has been incredible and I feel like we are just settling int our routine now that my husband is a full time daddy and now runs my business with me! I’m telling you- this was the best decision we could have ever made and I’m so thankful that God has paved the way for this season of our life! Nothing happens by chance, it’s all happened by CHOICE— and the sacrifices that have been a part of this dream becoming a reality have been WORTH EVERY SECOND! And let me add- my hubby is enjoying every second of growing facial hair and letting his hair get long! Because in the military- that has always been a NO NO!! Scruffy Dustin– I’m diggin’ the long hair 😉

Screen shot 2016-04-15 at 5.51.12 PM

one month post navy retirement!


SO- what in the world are we up to?!

A whole lot!! Let’s chat!

We went on our cruise!!!!! Family vacation at it’s finest and I know that I have a blog post about that one! For sure told you all about the amazing trip we had and how much we are looking forward to the next one!!

Next we started to create my VISION for an office! I’ve totally been working my business from my kitchen table, couch, back porch, little spot in my bedroom, in the car… literally WHEREVER for almost 3 years! My hubby said— it’s TIME for me to have my own space to come and work to be by myself to have the creative juices flow and just because I deserve a home office!!

So- we are about 3/4 of the way finished! Office furniture is put together, chandelier is up (check out the pic!!) and he just hung the barn doors this week!!! FINAL PICS will be posted when we are done!!

Screen shot 2016-04-15 at 6.04.45 PM


On April 2 we had our BIGGEST GULFPORT SUPER SATURDAY EVER!!!! My vision for our town within the next year—> 500 people at a Super Saturday in 2017!! SO WE ARE GROWING!!! 75+ people came to join in the fun of Team Beachbody a few weeks ago where we shared success stories of health/fitness, business and LIFE!! We did a live workout to our newest program 22 minute hard corps, we met some amazing people, we donated proceeds to our local VA hospital and we just SHOWED WHO WE ARE AND WHAT OUR VISION IS!! To help others lead healthy and fulfilling lives for years to come!!  Creating our LEGACY one step at a time!! One of the best parts– my parents flew across the country to come and visit and attend this event!! They were definitely super proud and that is the best feeling!!! Family is my life! And to have my hubby, kids and mom and dad there– well that was a very special day for me!

Screen shot 2016-04-15 at 5.51.29 PM

Gulfport Super Saturday!!

Screen shot 2016-04-15 at 5.55.40 PM

Screen shot 2016-04-15 at 5.50.54 PM

Family health and wellness

The last two weeks have been spent working with my team, Legacy United while accepting and reviewing new applications for women who want to join our tribe!!! I am taking a few steps FORWARD and giving my team what they NEED—> and that is… A BRAND NEW COACH TRAINING!!!!! I will be launching it in MAY! So details to come!!!! If you’ve been on the fence about starting your health and fitness business as a platform to live your dream life– NOW is your time! This is your sign!! Reach out to me!!!

It’s spring time and totally just the busy season and my HEART is FULL with excitement, motivation and creativity! The BLESSING that turning my fitness into a business has done for myself and my family has been over the moon incredible- so paying it forward and helping my team turn their dreams to reality is my PASSION!! Sharing this beauty is a gift! I’ve built a business with my kids next to me, never having to miss a soccer game or ballet lesson! It’s AMAZING!! And i’m DETERMINED to give this gift to as many amazing women as possible this year!!

To top off our excitement—>


Guess what?!!

So- a few weeks ago I got a call from my mentor at Beachbody Corporate. They are preparing our Coach Summit in Nashville and of course— there are always amazing coaches who present each year at this event! It’s been my DREAM since my first summit two years ago to one day– but on the stage- sharing my business tips, successes and story with tens of thousands of people!

WELL! THIS IS MY YEAR! I was asked to be a speaker and my topic: How to Build A Successful Business Through Social Media!! Right up my alley wouldn’t you say?!! AND better yet! I get to present WITH one of my best friends and success partners- Katy Ursta! Talk about PINCH ME!!

Screen shot 2016-04-15 at 5.49.54 PM

Summit Presenters 2016!!

From stay at home mom/military wife, $140,000.00+ in debt, depressed, anxiety filled and just praying that God would allow me to make something of my life for myself and for my kids—> to successful MOMPRENEUR, DEBT FREE and RETIRED MY HUBBY FROM THE MILITARY.. all from building my business from my kitchen table with my kiddos by my side, husband deployed all while just working on my own health and fitness and SHARING it with others… We are living our dream life! AND YES. You really can too!

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Nashville here we come!

With all of this excitement also comes the fun of just really soaking in life everyday and my hubby and I finding our balance while we work together everyday. We are growing together and figuring life out one step at a time. And we are so grateful for what we are doing.

People have been asking and I’m sure will continue to ask why we want to be together all the time….

It’s simple.

We are not crazy. We actually ENJOY each other. We are better together and actually get along MUCH BETTER spending all of our time together rather than hardly seeing each other at all.


I chose someone I wanted to spend the rest of my life with…not someone I’d only get to see an hour each day OR NOT SEE AT ALL for 7 months at a time… which is how our life used to look. There are a lot of trial and errors. We are learning how to communicate with each other and just take the time to perfect God’s plan for us! And… to laugh a lot. Because our life is pretty much on and off hilarious.

Screen shot 2016-04-17 at 9.01.28 PM

Love your man!!

And last, but definitely not least!! Just the next thing that we’ve been up to over the last month!! We BOOKED OUR HOUSE FOR OUR LEADERSHIP RETREAT this fall!! This to me is so exciting because it is a way for us to reward our TEAM LEADERS who are our go getters, our doers, those who don’t mess around and they treat their business as the business it is! This is an earned trip that each month my coaches work towards and the house is incredible! If you join our team now- this is something that you will definitely be able to work towards and it is a great way for us to hang out and really get to know our whole team on a more low key scale!

Screen shot 2016-04-15 at 6.36.47 PM

Legacy United Leadership Retreat 2016! Will you join us?

Screen shot 2016-04-15 at 6.40.05 PM

We are going to have corporate mentors come to speak to us, we will have professional photo shoots, beach olympics, beach bon fires, live workouts, trainings and so much MORE! It’s going to be AMAZING!!


Let me just say this—> because it’s something that I’ve learned just from writing this blog post. When you feel like life is just giving you a stand still. When you feel like you might not be moving forward in the direction you want to go– sit back and really take a look at your life as a whole. Look at what you’ve done over the last month and write it all down. I sometimes tell myself that I’m not doing what I want to be doing, but then when I lay it all out I see that I am doing EXACTLY what I want to be doing and THEN SOME!

CELEBRATE the successes of your life. Create the circumstances that you DESIRE. Get in the car and DRIVE towards daylight. You have the power to do AMAZING THINGS. You just have to decide to go for it!


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