Saturday, March 14, 2015

How To FOCUS When Chaos Is All Around Us

Do you feel like you have adult ADD sometimes? It’s like the next shiny thing catches our attention and before we know it we have no idea what we were doing before we lost that focus! I know that I can be the biggest time waster without even knowing it until the time is GONE! So lately, I have been utilizing my phone as a resource and tool… other than just using it to scroll Facebook and check emails! I am going to share my tips with you in hopes to get you to focus and stop saying “I don’t have time” when in reality— we all have the same 24 hours in a day!! Here is a great way to start changing your daily habits:

  1. Start your mornings off RIGHT!! Get a healthy morning routine going. Make sure to get up early enough to give yourself time for a workout, healthy breakfast and a little bit of time to relax. Don’t start the rat race as soon as your feet hit the floor- take time for YOU! It makes you a better person! Rushing around from the moment you get out of bed can make you feel stressed and can prevent you from staying focused.
  2. Keep a to-do list. I make mine either at night before bed for the next day or after I workout in the morning. Take 5 minutes to organize your day and your day will be so much better!!! Staying focused is much easier when a to-do list is involved. This way, you can prioritize what needs to get done and what can wait.
  3. Figure out what you value in life. Be sure to think about what matters to you in life. Don’t let other peoples values define/motivate you. Figure out your own goals and reasons for them and then go for it!
  4. Remove physical clutter. Staying focused can be tough when there are messes and things tend to get lost, creating even less focus. Make sure things are generally cleaned up and get rid of things you don’t use.
  5. Turn off smart phone notifications. At first, it seems convenient that our phones will let us know when we get a new email or photo like, but constantly being glued to our phones is a huge hindrance from staying focused on the task or enjoying the company of the people we are with.
  6. Dedicate 1 or 2 specific times a day to answer emails, check voice messages and respond to social media. This way, you are not constantly checking them throughout the day and you are able to keep staying focused.
  7. Set your own tone for your day!! Take charge and be positive. Find the best in every situation and keep moving forward!
  8. Learn to say no. Sometimes, staying focused is a matter of knowing when to say no – don’t take on extra engagements if they are going to stress you out.
I know first hand the distractions that everyday life can bring. I am a busy mom, wife, entrepreneur, leader, friend, daughter and the list goes on. I wear about every hat in the book and I have learned how to prioritize my life and manage without feeling completely CRAZY all the time!! Start to make little changes and watch them add up to big milestones!

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