Tuesday, January 28, 2014

What is the 21 Day Fix?

This is the HOTTEST NEW WORKOUT! It’s all that the beachbody world is talking about and I know first hand that I will be trying this amazing new 21 day workout/meal plan program! It’s the first of it’s kind! Not only do you get the workouts, but you get the meal plans AND THE CONTAINERS to go with it! ALL of the guesswork will be taken out of it for you. All that you have to do is show up and do the work! We all have 3 weeks, NO EXCUSES! Let’s take some action!!
How can you get your own program of the 21 Day Fix? FIRST, you can just go to my site and create a free account so that you will be ahead of the game on the day it’s released! I am hosting an EXCLUSIVE TEST GROUP for anyone who wants to have accountably and support through this program! I will be your coach from here on out and I want to help you get the results you are looking for!
Do you want to be part of the TEST GROUP?! If the answer is YES then please fill out the application below and I will consider you for one of the spots available. This is a test group so I have to know that you are committed and ready to take charge of your health and fitness! I am excited to get this ball rolling! 
Are you wondering how this ‘group works’ exactly? Well, I create an online CLOSED Facebook group. That means that no one else in Facebook world can see what you are posting except for the people in the closed group. In there each day I will give you the support and guidance that you need to focus and stay on track.  The only cost is the cost of the challenge pack which includes everything you need to get started.  The 21 day nutrition guide, the program manual, the workouts, free shipping, discounted price and me as your coach for the accountability, support and guidance!!!  Let’s make it happen!  You are going to  look amazing this spring and summer!  Why not start now!!  Swimsuit season is just around the corner!! 
You will be the next TRANSFORMATION STORY!!!
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