Monday, April 27, 2015

Wow- What a Journey This Two Years Has Been!

This is by far one of the most emotional posts I’ve ever done. Feelings of PURE JOY, feelings of anxiety and fear over what people might think or say, feelings of OVERWHELM because never in my life did I think I alone would earn this kind of money by doing a job that I would literally do for FREE. Going from a stay at home mom for 7 years to a woman who set out to earn just a little extra cash to help put groceries on the table… This has become my REALITY in 23 months.

I realized this after almost NOT posting it.

If I don’t talk about it…
If I don’t show you…
You’d have NO IDEA that this is available to YOU too.
I believe if I DIDN’T SHOW you that I am doing YOU a disservice because this is not about the money– these numbers represent LIVES CHANGED. This is less than 2 years of dedication to be a servant leader and how I started— was committing to change myself.

This post is not to brag. Gosh- it has take me almost two years to even consider doing this! It is SO HARD for me to talk about money. I used to joke to my hubby {seriously JOKE around}- that one day I would make more money than he did. I planned to always be a stay at home mom/home maker– so that was always the JOKE- because we know that as mom’s we SHOULD get paid a lot 😉 but we don’t!!

Let me start by saying this:

1. I started this business with less than 140 fb friends. No social media background. I was a SKEPTIC and it took a waived sign up fee to get me to finally ‘pull the trigger’ and do this.
2. I built this from my kitchen table- early in the morning right after my workouts until my kids woke up. Then during quiet/nap time and then after they went to bed. I have never missed family time and I decide when I work.
3. I built this business with passion. I built this business with MANY failures. I built this business while LIVING OUTSIDE OF MY COMFORT ZONE! I built this business while CHANGING into a better person everyday.
4. I could have make MANY excuses why I should have just quit. Stopped. Not kept going when I got knocked down. I don’t have an upline who helps contribute to my business center. I have built my ENTIRE organization MYSELF. I am BLESSED that God has given me the opportunity- I have had a VISION since the day I started and I am NEVER going to quit.
What is the one thing I think has made the biggest impact?

Consistency… through the times when others would have quit is WHY I am where I am.

Let’s break it down.

I have my background in Sports Management with a concentration in Health and Wellness {Ironic that I am now a Health and Wellness Coach and I don’t even need my Bachelor’s Degree for it 😉 }

I have only ever been a student (it took me 8 years to get my bachelor’s degree… yep. I’m that girl) and a wife/stay at home mom! I’ve never had a ‘real’ full time job in my life.

I had tried like every home business ever. –I was going to make it BIG selling Cutco knives when I was 19 (yeah. right.) I have done the whole Mary Kay thing- 31 Bags- Avon and gosh– i think one of those skincare things for like a day… I HAD NO PASSION FOR ANY OF THOSE!!

2 years ago- my husband and I had a hard reality hit- we were STRUGGLING financially– which in turn meant had our marriage on the rocks… big time. We sold my car and went to one vehicle, we started to downsize with what we could and I was looking for a job because we were scared we were going to have to file bankruptcy…

Then- this ‘coaching opportunity’ came up… and well. The rest is history.  I made a CHOICE to create a future for my kids that we could only dream of. Now- the dreams are becoming reality.

With coaching — I jumped in BELIEF first. I learned. I failed. I grew. I failed. I kept going.

My job is to help others achieve:


Who can do this job?

ANYONE. Let me say that again.

Anyone who is okay with being WEIRD like me. Anyone who is okay with going into the unknown and just diving in. head first. and building wings on the way down.
ANYONE WHO WANTS TO CHANGE MORE THAN THEY WANT TO STAY THE SAME!! That’s all it takes. A FIRE in your belly to do something MORE.

It takes time. It takes consistency. It take vision. It takes believe. It takes OVERCOMING FEAR. It takes raising some eyebrows. It takes confidence. It takes patience.

I create a system of duplication. I teach every one of my coaches HOW to do this. I have tested these systems and they are PROVEN to WORK when YOU do the work. I set goals and created benchmarks to achieve those goals. I teach my team the same thing.

So WHY am I posting this? Why now?

Because I want to PAY IT FORWARD. I WANT to encourage and shine light for anyone- but my goal.. if I can inspire ONE PERSON- then this post will be worth it!
Because it’s my sincere hope that you take a deep breath and say “Why NOT me?” Why not go for it? Why not triple my income? Why not go for paid for vacations? Why not begin a business that could blossom into financial freedom for myself and family? Why not do the thing that most won’t? Why not be my own boss and make my own hours.

The ROAD to success is filled with LOTS of obstacles. It is NOT a straight line. It is crazy windy, twirly, ups, downs, overs and unders. It does NOT come easy. It comes with work.

Thinking about it? Wondering about it? Let me know, I’d be more than happy to share all the details with anyone. It changed my life and it can SURE as HECK change yours!
Complete the application to join my next online coach training that begins on May 4th. I will be working with 10 people who are ready to go all in.

Fill out the application to be considered for a spot on my team- Legacy United

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Saturday, August 23, 2014


It’s happening  $70 off of Shaun T’s Focus T-25 and Shakeology-
So, I typically just share my upcoming challenge groups, but I can’t NOT let you all in on this amazing deal! This is literally one of my best programs and it is on SUPER SALE. It’s the perfect workout for anyone. 25 minutes and you’re done. And trust me– I was a skeptic before I did it. *25 minutes- no way will it deliver results.*- WRONG! I got ripped!
It is a wonderful program, and from one busy Mom to another… a short workout like 25 minutes could be what you need to get your fitness on! You don’t need to spend hours in the gym! If you want to get healthy and fit, a super fun and motivating program like Focus T-25 is where its at!
So here’s the scoop– for this month only Beachbody brought the price back down by $70!!! This is insane and should be taken advantage of! I was totally inspired and decided to put together a Focus T25 Challenge Group!
Here is what you can expect:
* 25 minute daily workouts that will work your entire body in 25 minutes
* A shopping list and meal plan from me to follow along with the meal plan within the program.
* A 30 day supply of the super dense dose of daily nutrition Shakeology. (my favorite meal of the day)
* Support from a one on one accountability partner.
* An accountability group of 10 other people on the same mission as you !!
* Of course me as your coach to guide you every step of the way.
* Weekly prizes for weekly challenge winners (programs, shaker cups, swag, FUN STUFF!!!)
* A chance to win the big Beachbody Challenge cash prize!!!
If you have ever considered trying the focus T25 Challenge … now it the time to scoop up this deal. It will be gone very soon!
I am only taking 10 Challengers for this group so act fast! The deadline to order your challenge pack is August 30th!
Apply Below to be Considered:

Online contact and registration forms from Wufoo.

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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Become A Beachbody Coach Today

One and a half years ago I was completely MISERABLE. I was 15 pounds overweight, I felt unhappy with every aspect of my life and I didn’t think I would ever snap out of it. I was the ‘debbie downer,’ I was always negative and I just didn’t care about a whole lot. I was stressed out, feeling like a ‘single mom’ while my husband was gone 9 months out of the year and closest family was 7 hours away. My husband and I were financially struggling and we were struggling in our marriage. This were NOT fine.

Then- one day– this whole ‘coaching opportunity’ presented itself. I was a skeptic at first.. I was too busy to ‘give it a try.’ I was FULL of excuses.
Then- one day– I felt GOD speaking to me and I swear- telling me to DO THIS. 

Becoming a coach changed my life

So, I joined. I committed. I had 120 FB friends. I had no clue about social media. I didn’t even know what a blog was. I knew NOTHING about technology. Shoot- I still had a ‘flip phone.’

But, I committed to a change. I committed to making a difference. And I had a VISION in my head of where I was going. I din’t know how I was going to get there– but I was walking, then running.. and now- i’m unstoppable.

I’m a dreamer. I’m a doer. I’m a different person than I was then and I grow more each day.

My MOTIVATION is YOU. My motivation is helping change the world. It may sound silly to some- but to me– it is MY DRIVING FORCE.

So, I’m paying it forward. My New Smart Start Academy begins Sept. 1st.

I didn’t have the skills or the knowledge to be a business owner…but I did have:
and a HUGE DESIRE to do more with my life.

I am teaching duplication. I am teaching you what I have done to build a solid business. Brick by brick, layer by layer. This is the REAL DEAL.

I am NOT looking for:
– Those who lack self-discipline.
– Those who want to take the PATH of LEAST resistance.
– Those who need structure and everything spelled out ahead of time.
– Those unwilling to step outside their comfort zone.
– Those who are unwilling to change.

I am obsessed with my team. I LOVE what we are all about. Unity, Trust, Determined, Powerful, Dedicated, Motivated and ON A MISSION.

I will lead you to success if you put in the work. I ENJOY everyday. I want to work with amazing women! This is what we are all about!!

Are you READY for something more??

To be considered for the EXCLUSIVE 21 Day SMART START Training group, APPLY BELOW:

Are you thinking of someone who would make a great fit for our team?

Send them here:!

There are tons of Wufoo features to help make your forms awesome.

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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Do You Count Your Blessings? — The Awesomeness of a Beachbody Coach

Can you believe that it is February already? I mean seriously, it feels like I was just getting ready for Christmas! Time really does fly and that is why it is so important to really be in control of your days instead of letting the days control you. I preach this, but trust me… I seriously can have big issues with it when it comes to my own life.  If I let myself go I find myself scrolling aimlessly through Facebook, checking emails every 5 minutes and really not focusing on what is important. This is one reason why I work from my TO DO LIST! Everyday I sit down in the morning with my cup of coffee and I jot down what I NEED to do for the day. After I write everything down then I put them in order of what is the MOST important to the least important. This can really help me to focus on ‘eating that frog’ (doing the most important things FIRST to make sure they get done) and just putting my foot on the gas to GO. 

But, this morning I sit here with a blank piece of paper staring at me and my coffee is getting cold. I am reflecting on my week. I can’t move on just yet. I am just in awe of the achievements that I am blessed to be a part of with my team and my fitness/nutrition challengers. I am not even kidding when I just say WOW… WHAT A WEEK. And then I will go even further to say WOW… WHAT AN 8 MONTHS!!!

So on Tuesday it was a 30 day mark for one of my challenge groups.  It was the first 30 days that my clients had done a workout program/Shakeology/eat clean for 30 days. It was time to weigh in, measure and take photos. I am not kidding AT ALL when I tell you that these days are like CHRISTMAS for me. I get so excited to see the results of my peeps!! I am literally all ansey when I wake up and race to my computer to see who the first one is to check in. Well, this week was EPIC!! 
I have two couples in my group that are ROCKSTARS! It’s so cool to see husbands and wives taking fitness and nutrition on together!! One couple combined lost 12 pounds together and 21 inches!!! IN 30 DAYS! And YES, this is the HEALTHY WAY! This is the way that you do it to KEEP IT OFF and FEEL BETTER! Another couple lost a total of 20 pounds and tons of inches too!! Then I got a text from a girl who had lost 4 pounds and her clothes were nearly falling off of her!! Another one.. get ready for this… She lost 9 pounds in 30 days!!! YES, again… the healthy way!! This is just what happens when you eat clean, properly fuel your body and workout. It’s SCIENCE! Those are just a few of the successes that I got on Tuesday and I am THRILLED and SO HAPPY for them. 

This is just ONE of the MANY perks of my job!! Getting those calls from people telling me that they are wearing jeans that they haven’t fit into in YEARS, that they feel better than ever and I really love it when they adapt to clean eating and tell me that you can eat TASTY foods and lose weight!! Yep, we don’t eat bland, plain, gross food. No way! It is good, whole foods and I TEACH my clients how to meal plan, meal prep and set themselves up for success. I LOVE the feeling that I get everyday when I check in online with these people and they are HAPPIER, HEALTHIER and MORE ENERGETIC than they have ever been in their lives. I can’t believe how blessed I am that I get to do this job all while staying at home with my babes and being present in their lives. It astounds me that THIS. IS. MY. LIFE. And guess what– anyone can do this job. I can teach you, train you and give you the ‘secret sauce’ of the whole thing. The rewards I get everyday from talking to people are wonderful and I believe whole heartedly that this is my calling in life! I LOVE to help people! And I have a PASSION for helping END THE TREND OF OBESITY in the United States.

Okay, so now… as the week progressed my own team of coaches were contacting me and telling me about how many people they have been helping this week!!! That they are crazy busy with emails and phone calls too because they people are flocking to them from their amazing transformations, their will and drive to help others and their amazing hearts of gold that people can just sense! My team is amazing. I honestly am just SO BLESSED all around. How many of you get to say that you work with your BEST FRIENDS??? That’s me!

 I get to CHOOSE who I work with. I get to CHOOSE how I spend my days!! I get to CHOOSE which days I work and on those days…. again, I get to hang out with my FRIENDS! No fakeness, no drama… just real people and real friends. Usually, we are on zoom chat (video conference online) in our yoga pants, hair in a messy bun with no makeup while our kids are playing at our feet. THAT’S THE BEST JOB IN THE WORLD, RIGHT?!!!!

So, then Thursday rolled along. Thursdays are the beginning of the ‘work week’ for us and Thursdays are also recognition days! We get paid on Thursdays, we see who has rank advanced and we see who has rocked out success over the past week. WELL, let ME tell YOU… this Thursday was OFF THE CHAIN! My team did BETTER THAN EVER BEFORE with their businesses! I had my coaches calling me in tears telling me that they had received their biggest paychecks to date, I got to recognize coaches for hitting goals that they set and they are CRUSHING them. We are GROWING and the JOY that brings me is unexplainable. To know that we as a team are changing lives is incredible to me. We all get to do this together. To grow as a family because we are so close and to watch new coach after new coach blossom into something amazing. We all get to dream our own dreams. We all set our own goals. Some of us want to rise to the top of the leaderboards. Others want to just make a few hundred dollars extra a week for spending cash. That’s OKAY! Everyone has a different vision and I HELP EACH ONE WITH THAT!! 

I’m not saying that this has been an easy road. I’m not saying that there aren’t things that I sacrifice each day to make my own dreams happen. I’m not saying that I don’t have my days and moments where I question everything I do, BUT I will say that it is ALL WORTH IT! 

I have never had a day where I want to quit. I have never had a day where I am a negative nancy about my business. I have my moments where I need to take a step back and reevaluate, but that is all. BECAUSE I KNOW that this is growing into something even bigger then I can imagine. I KNOW that this team is revving up and gaining momentum each day. And I KNOW that we are going to be together one day on a tropical vacation thinking WOW… IS THIS REALLY OUR LIFE??!! We are helping people get healthy and we get paid to do it??!! This is reality for us!!

Are you reading this thinking “I want to do this?” “I could do this!” “I want to know more about what this is?!” 

Never Give Up

Are you ready?  Are you interested in joining the Dream XTREME!?!  We are growing FAST and this team is ON FIRE!!! The energy that emerges from our team calls, our private team page are just mind blowing!  We keep you on track with your health and fitness and with you finances to!  Its go time!!!


What does this mean to you?!?!  If you have ever considered becoming a Beachbody Coach then NOW is the TIME!!!  I am going to be kicking off my Accelerated Coach Apprenticeship Program followed by my Emerald to Diamond Push Group and I am looking for 5 people to join my team!

It’s not another day another $$ anymore.  It’s another day another LIFE I can HELP CHANGE!!!!  But it starts with a decision, a decision to trust and follow the process!!!! 

Coaches Change Lives

APPLY below to be considered for 1 of 5 spots available on the Dream Xtreme. 

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