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Are you on of the MANY people who have made the New Year’s Resolution to get fit and healthy this year? The first step is deciding to take action, but the hard part is doing it and following through. Life starts to get in the way, excuses creep in and before you know it, those 3 pounds that you lost in the first week start to come back on and you get overwhelmed and QUIT. Well, not this time. NOT YOU. It is time to commit. It is time to get a system. It is TIME for accountability and support. 
You see, I have literally heard every excuse in the books. I dare someone to throw something at me that I haven’t heard before. But, what it boils down to is the fact that YOU are afraid. Afraid of what MIGHT happen, afraid of what could be and afraid of the dreams and goals that you have set for yourself. It’s common and it is NORMAL! We have all been there at some point or another. Whether it is health and fitness, a career choice, family, etc.. we all have fears because we are human. I want an opportunity to change your way of thinking. I want an opportunity to help you face those fears and take action. You are worth it. You are worth changing. You are worth being fit and healthy. YOU ARE WORTH IT! I want to help you change the negatives into positives. I want to help you focus on the baby steps that will get you to the BIG PICTURE. I want you to know that there is not going to be an option to give up. NEVER. GIVE. UP!! You are unique. You are amazing. and YOU are YOU! Don’t you want to be the best version of you there can be?! I know you do. I know you can have a life that you’ve only dreamed of. It’s all up to you. Are you ready to make it a priority to change?
My fit club is a place where anyone and everyone can come for a fun, FREE workout. We meet once (sometimes twice) a week at my home church and we get our sweat on together! Each week we do something different. Sometimes it is a T25 workout, other times a P90X3 workout, TurboFire, Brazilian Butt Lift and so many others. We also go over meal planning and recipes as well! This is a group of people who commit to each other each week. We commit to showing up, giving it our all and we talk through our week! We talk about the workouts that we have done on our own that week and we keep each other accountable and motivated. We LOVE to help each other strive to be better. It’s about personal growth, personal strength and doing it together. Let’s do life TOGETHER. It’s never too late to start. 
How long does it last?

Our workouts are anywhere from 25-45 minutes. Usually most people get there a little early to find a spot in class, mingle, talk to new friends and just hang out! After the workout is over we ALWAYS high five and congratulate each other for a JOB WELL DONE!!! Then, we shake up some SHAKEOLOGY! We spend some time hanging out afterwards talking about different things beachbody has to offer, different workouts people want to try and some even decide right then and there that Beachbody is FOR THEM and we sign them up with a free account or their own fitness challenge packs!! It’s just so awesome to be surrounded by so many like minded people!

I don’t workout. I am older. Will this be too hard for me?

We always do a program that has a modifier!! So, I tell EVERYONE at EVERY fitness level that this is FOR YOU. There may be some moves that you will not be able to do AT FIRST, but that’s okay. Modify and just keep moving. As long as you are doing SOMETHING, you are burning calories and bettering yourself! What do you have to lose? Just come and bring friends with you! See what all the hype is about!

Do I need to bring anything?

I ask everyone to bring a yoga mat or a towel because sometimes we are on our hands and knees and the floor is hard to get a grip on! Wear workout clothes and bring a bottle of water! That’s it! 

What is Shakeology?

Shakeology is literally the healthiest meal of the day and in my opinion it’s the tastiest!! Each week we try a new Shakeology recipe after class!! Sometimes it is the amazing vanilla Shakeology that I really like to turn into a Snickerdoodle or the chocolate Shakeology that we recently turned into chocolate covered cherries and OH MY GOSH… HEAVEN in our mouths!!  I always ask for people’s preference, so we switch it up!  The sky is the limit on the ways to make our Shakeology! We share the benefits of this magic in a glass!– check out this article. —>
Why do you have Fit Club? Since it is free, you probably don’t make any money?

Hosting a fit club for me is not about money at all!!! I literally want to touch as many people’s lives as I can to get them fit and healthy!! I want to inspire people to do more. I literally have a HUGE GOAL to reach as many people on the Gulf Coast to get healthy. It is never about someone’s size, shape or whatever. It is about changing the mindset to WANT a change. It is about making a commitment and sticking with it. This is the goal that I have for so many, but it isn’t about ME making the goal.. It is about YOU making the goal and following through with it. Fit clubs are a GREAT way for people to realize that working out IS FUN. And if you aren’t having fun, then you won’t stick with it. Period. Let’s have fun together! Bring friends, encourage others, set realistic goals and strive to reach them. This is YOUR YEAR!

If you live in or near Gulfport/Biloxi Mississippi area, PLEASE come and join us every Thursday night at 6:30 pm and the 1st and 3rd Saturday each month for an amazing workout and to make new friends! This is just the beginning. Let’s take the Coast by storm! Are you with me?! Contact me for more deets!!!

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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Eat. Drink. Be FIT and HEALTHY This Holiday Season!

Eat. Drink. Be FIT and HEALTHY This Holiday Season!
Are you already stressing about the holidays? Are you thinking.. “Oh my GOSH, it is already November 23rd and I have NOTHING ready for Christmas?”  Well, I have totally been that person in the past! The one who literally stresses for six weeks leading up to Christmas and then stresses after Christmas wondering how in the world we are going to pay off what we spent for Christmas! YIKES!!!
I can honestly say at this point that I have overcome that feeling of craziness and this year I am already planned, prepped and ready to go!! My calendar is set. I have my gift guide written out with exact items on it for each person I have to buy for! I have some things bought and some are ALREADY WRAPPED! That is huge for me! I am usually the mom sitting on the living room floor at midnight on Christmas Eve/Christmas Day trying to finish wrapping presents to get them under the tree and get to bed! NOT THIS YEAR! I am so happy that I literally do not have an ounce of stress!! 
I get all of my shopping DONE by December 5th. That is just the date that I set on my calendar and I will stick to it! I get all of my shopping done in the stores before black Friday because I am NOT A BLACK FRIDAY SHOPPER!  

I don’t venture out in the crowds!! I like the behind the scenes action, so I swear by online shopping! It’s stress free, I can sit in my yoga pants and hoodie with no makeup and shop for my fam! Then, the best part.. My packages are delivered straight to my doorstep! WOHOOO!! Can’t beat that kind of service! Oh, and I’m a huge discount shopper, so I google coupon codes for everything and ALWAYS use a discount code! Works great!

SO, anyways!! MY POINT!!! Along with the stress of the holidays can come the stress of holiday eating! Eating can become mindless and with that will come extra weight. And who wants to start the new year overweight? NOT ME! And I’m sure NOT YOU! So, have you thought about how you are going to overcome the extra pounds this year? You don’t want to be hiding behind a bulky sweater! You don’t want to have to stress about hiding your muffin top and using the rubber band trick! (You know what I’m talking about.. where you have to literally use a rubber band to put through the button hole of your jeans and wrap it around the button to get your pants to ‘fit’!!!) Been there, done that and WON’T GO THERE AGAIN! 
I want to help you survive the holidays! I want to teach you how you can overcome the pressure of eating nonstop! I want to teach you how to plan your meals and still indulge, but just in moderation instead of gorging yourself to the point of being sick!! I want to keep you accountable to your workouts!! Don’t have a workout program? I’m your girl! 25 minutes a day, 5 days a week.. We all have time for that! And we all FEEL BETTER after getting a workout done! So, why stress for the holidays? You DON’T HAVE TO!! I’m here to get you through! I’m here to help you focus on YOU!! 

Are you wondering what my Holiday Fitness, Clean Eating and Shakeology Challenge is?
Well it is a 30 day group in which I am going to teach you basic strategies for how to plan out your meals, give you recipes, tips and all the tricks that have helped me be successful in my weight loss journey.   Last year at this time I was surviving a deployment. My husband was deployed to Africa, I was holding down the fort with two small girls and just trying to keep afloat. We had just moved into a brand new house 5 months prior. we were in the process of selling our previous home in Pennsylvania, I was 1200 miles away from my family and I still managed to make it through with little stress and I stayed on track with my health and fitness. I wasn’t perfect, sometimes I messed up and I indulged in a few sweets.  

But what I did was take everything in moderation, found a way to work my workouts in and still stay focused on the goal I had for myself.  Looking back, I was FINE! I wasn’t deprived, I enjoyed the holidays with my babies, we spent a few days with my in-laws and had a BLAST!!!  I wasn’t bloated, sluggish or tired.  I felt confident going shopping the day after Christmas to buy some cute new clothes and I wasn’t looking at a big ‘spare tire’ around my waist from overdoing it!!   I was proud of my decisions and my body.  This has been how I have almost always lived my life. I just want to show you all how to do it for yourselves! I am so confident that you will love this program and see how planning your days will WORK in more ways than one!! You will not gain the dreaded holiday weight and I will be your biggest fan!! I want to teach you my ‘tricks’ and help you set and meet goals! Let’s do this.. TOGETHER!

Are you wondering how in the heck I am going to do this? Well I am taking on a 30 day fitness and Shakeology support/ accountability group.  It is all done via Facebook. I create a closed group so no one can see what is posted but the people in the group.  Each day you will get a post from me.  It will be a tip, motivation, recipe or meal plan.  Each day you are required to just check in and rate your day.  My goal is to teach you how to make smart choices, how to create a happy, healthy lifestyle and not do a ‘diet’.  This is a positive change and not one that you will be calling a fad diet! NO WAY!  We will learn how to have balance over the holidays, handle eating out, parties, social events, cravings and more!  I have lots of tricks up my sleeves and I will share them all with you! I seriously just can’t wait to share with you how I do this and how you can do it too!
Soooo, what are the REQUIREMENTS?! 
You must commit to being an active participant in the group.  This is NOT HARD! I mean it is literally less than 5 minutes a day! This is the best part because you get to chat with the others in the group and stay on track!
You must commit to a Beachbody workout program and replacing one meal a day with Shakeology.  Why?  Because Shakeology is by far the easiest and healthiest meal of the day.  Lets face it, especially now more than ever we are busy, on the go and pulled in a million different directions.  Sometimes we just don’t have time or energy left to cook. 80% of your results come from the food you put into your mouth! I was so against a ‘meal replacement shake’ when I first started.

It literally took me over a month to commit because I was like “NO WAY!! I’m NOT doing that!!’ I didn’t want to be dependent on a meal replacement to help them lose weight and I certainly didn’t want to pay money for it!!  But trust me, this is unlike anything else out there!  I fell in love with it and I literally have used it EVERY SINGLE DAY for 7 months!! LOVE IT! This is 1 meal a day and then my goal is to teach you how to eat the other meals of the day!  When the group is over you can choose to continue with Shakeology or not!  So Shakeology becomes that 1 meal a day that you do not have to worry about.  You know it has the right combination of protein and carbs to keep you full for 2 1/2 to 3 hours.  Plus it will help to decrease your cravings for sweets, give you natural energy and help you lose weight! Trust me, it’s worth every penny!  Give it a try, what do you have to lose???

I am also requiring a workout program for this challenge. I am recommending the T25 program during this time of year because there will be much less excuse about finding time! This program is literally 25 minutes a day! EVERYONE HAS 25 MINUTES!! You can literally get up a little earlier, go to bed a little later, or squeeze in some time during your day! I have a challenger who literally takes her program to work with her and does it in her office on her lunch break!!! She’s a little sweaty, but says she just cleans up a little in the bathroom and she’s back in action!! Dedication is key!! And exercise will HELP YOU FEEL BETTER!! So, It takes 21 days to create a habit. Let’s go a full 30 to make it stick!!  And the best part!! You will make new friends and who knows where that will take you!! When you want to make a change you have to surround yourself with like minded people! We are YOUR PEOPLE!! 
  I must be your assigned coach! We can work together to get everything set up!! 
We are starting on DECEMBER 2nd!!! Email me at or find me on Facebook @ You can also find me on instagram @ valbfitness!!! 


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