Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Thanksgiving Meal Plan and Prep!

Tomorrow is THANKSGIVING already!!! I can hardly believe that another year has flown by and we are approaching one of my most favorite times of the year! There is always a mad dash of things to do, to get done, to buy, to make, etc!! It’s been so hectic that it would totally be acceptable to not workout or plan out my meals…RIGHT?!!  Well, the previous me would of chucked my workout in a heart beat and relied on caffeine and drive thru food to make it thru a busy week.  Now my non negotiable is my workout and my meal planning because that is my “me” time and trust me, if I don’t workout I am not going to be a nice mommy!

Not at all!!! #fitmom means that you value your health and that you want to not only be the best example you can be but you want to be around long enough to teach your kids that example as well! Your kids follow your lead , so if you want healthy kids lead by example! You don’t have to have a perfect 6 pack to be a good example, instead teach your kids the importance of regular exercise and healthy vs unhealthy choices! My kids tell me all the time what healthy choices are! #notselfish #smart 
Be a #fitfam #leadbyexample and set your family up for success! It starts with you!!!! #turbofire #hiit25 #pushplay #gotime
fitspo fitness motivation

So this week I am committing to continuing to be that fit mom despite the million different responsibilities.

I whipped up my meal plan!

Here are my thoughts! So I can workout every day this week.  We are traveling to my in laws for a few days.  So I will get up early and do my workout at my normal time so I don’t disturb the rest of the family.  Then, I will have my oatmeal for breakfast, my apple and almonds for snack, then lunch/dinner is our feast! I will have my shakeology in the evening to help my belly deflate!

What am I eating on Thanksgiving:  Turkey, stuffing,mashed potatoes, a TINY bit of gravy, green beans, roll (YES love rolls)  and a side salad!  Then of course I will have dessert, but I will be mindful! I will pick something that I LOVE and not eat something just because it is there!! I am going to enjoy, but of course in moderation, not over stuffed and no guilt.  

Remember to eat breakfast on Thanksgiving- one of the biggest myth is that you will just not eat and save up all your calories for dinner and be ok!  It won’t be!  Your body needs food when you wake up to jump start your metabolism and wake up your body.  

Like your wine- I love wine and that is my biggest downfall!  But the one thing I have learned is I can have wine and still feel good!  So my rule of thumb is to stay hydrated.  For every glass of wine that you drink have 1 full glass of water!!  Stay hydrated.

Now Thanksgiving doesn’t roll over into Friday, Saturday and Sunday either!  I am back on track Friday morning with a killer long cardio workout to just burn it off and I may switch up up and have Shakeology for breakfast.

I am actually doing T25 this week- i have body beast in there, but I scratched that!! It’s all about the cardio and prepping for Insanity Max 30 coming out next week!! Bring on the fat blasting!!!

Every day we wake up and are faced with 2 choices. The choice to face our FEARS or the choice to remain the same.

Facing your fears is definitely the harder route, it’s the road less traveled and it’s the road that when taken leads to failure but also leads to success. It’s the road that takes time, that isn’t a quick fix, that doesn’t make you rich tomorrow or skinny in an hour. It’s the road that leads to personal growth, lifelong health and fulfillment.

There is a reason why the finish line isn’t crowded. It’s because most people don’t have the vision of the possibilities instead all they can see is how hard it will be to get there!

So as you start this week, be a visionary, be a dreamer but most importantly be a DOER!!! You can see that finish line off in the distance, now imagine what it feels like to cross it?! NOW LETS GET TO WORK!

I didn’t always eat clean and I certainly didn’t always exercise. It wasn’t until I was feeling worn down, tired and my muffin top was rearing its ugly head that I decided I needed to change.

I wasn’t perfect when I started, I made bad food choices, I beat myself up over it, I weighed myself to many times a day and I cried because it wasn’t coming off fast enough. But just because I didn’t see the immediate results doesn’t mean I gave up! I continued to focus on improving my health, the quality of the foods I ate, the pairing of the right foods and proper portion size! I exercised regularly and pushed thru the ups and downs! Now what once was a struggle is now a habit and a part of who I am!

Trust me, you can make a healthy lifestyle a habit to!
Sneak peak into a typical day of clean eating! I eat a lot of food and I eat often! PS I LOVE TO EAT! I have energy and I never diet!!!

Strive for the right balance for you!!!!

Have a Healthy and Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

Want more support!  Join the Holiday Survival Guide for support post Thanksgiving to Christmas to keep you on track!

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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Week 2: T25 Gamma/21 Day Fix Meal Plan

WELL!! Yesterday was officially the end of week 1 of Focus T25. My hybrid schedule of Gamma/Beta is going awesome! I am feeling it.. for sure!  I kept up with my meal plan that I posted last Sunday and it was pretty much an all around awesome week. I was sore for the first few days, but that goes away after a few days of getting used to a new routine 🙂 I love the feeling of soreness! It means that I am working hard and changing my body!! 

So, what did my schedule look like? 
Well, here it is!
DAY 1: SPEED 3.0- Definitely cardio! And you know what I say- cardio is HARDIO! I do it because I need to, but I definitely prefer lifting weights. This is an awesome workout routine though. You won’t get bored!! It is high intensity for sure and I get a fast sweat and the workout is over fast! 25 minutes baby!
DAY 2: RIPT UP- Love this one! I love to use weights and this might be my fave!!  
DAY 3: EXTREME CIRCUIT- exactly what it says! EXTREME CIRCUIT! You are working it all! Cardio, weights, and high intensity come together to give you an amazing 25 minute sweat sesh! LOVE IT ALL!
DAY 4: THE PYRAMID- Who am I kidding. I love this one just as much as all of the other ones I say I love 😉  The pyramid is literally a lot of reps and weights the whole time! So here is an example.. For bicep curls it goes 1… 1,2… 1,2,3….1,2,3,4 and so on! So you are doing LOTS until you burn out your muscles! It works awesome!
DAY 5: TOTAL BODY AND SPEED 3.0- Total body isssss TOTAL BODY! Everything will be worked! I think my hair got a workout! Pushups, planks, abs, upper body, butt.. everything! You will not be disappointed! 
Then, on Saturday I ran a Spartan Sprint. 4.3 miles of mud, trails, obstacles and FUN! Yes, I said fun! It was awesome and I totally recommend anyone who wants a challenge to run one! I will be running a lot more in the future! FOR SURE!
I mentioned above that my meal plan was pretty much spot on. The only thing that fell to the wayside was Saturday’s meal plan because we were at the race all day! So after we ran I had a banana, protein shake and a cliff bar to get my protein, potassium, electrolytes and all that jazz pumped back into me! Then, I downed a cheeseburger– bc let’s face it… I was starting and that was as good of protein I was going to get at the end of a 4 mile obstacle course 😉 
So this is what works for me. The T25 meal plan is great, but I tend to use more of the 21 Day Fix meal plan with all of my workouts. It is simple and I just measure out what I am eating. 
I will say that I am totally obsessed with the 21 Day Fix program as well! It’s pretty much amazing! I just took a little break to rock out some T25 for the next 3 weeks!!
For me, I am in the 1,500-1,799 calorie range! That gives me 4 green (veggies) 3 purple (fruits), 4 Red (protein) 3 Yellow (starchy carbs) 1 Blue (nuts, ect) 1 Orange (nuts and dressings) 4 spoons (nut butters, olive oil).  

Then, each container is broken down in the manual with a list of foods that you can eat.  I love it because I can easily pick from each list and create a meal plan for the week.  I love that the foods are listed in order of importance. So the higher on the list the foods are the more nutritionally sound they are! Of course you should have a variety of foods from the lists to give you variety of nutrients for your body.

I have not been eating out of the containers, but I measure and pour onto my plate.  Surprisingly each time I do that I am amazed with how much food I am still eating.

You do get the option to drink milk, soy milk, almond milk, coconut water, coconut milk and fruit juices but you have to sub out a yellow container and you are only allowed them 3x per week!  So it does make you re think your drink as well.  I tend to forgo the almond milk in my shake so that I can have the carb later in the day to keep my energy level up!  Also you can have a glass of wine but you give up a yellow container which is a carb for the day!  In my case, I would rather eat food than drink wine!  I get grumpy without food!  lol

How does Shakeology fit into this??  It is counted as a Red container which is a protein!  🙂  BONUS easy quick meal for me!

There are also treats allowed as well. They give you a list of treat ideas that replace a yellow container. 

Recipes!  There are a list of seasoning mixes that you can whip up to prepare your food with!  There are container recipes for your veggies, protein and starchy carbs as well.  I love the recipes for your shakeology and the home made dressing recipes!!! 

There is an awesome restaurant guide as well.  I like that they give you a list of restaurant foods and what containers that they will check off.  For example cheese and veggie pizza (1/4 of  12inch slice) is 2 yellow, 1 orange and 1 green!  In my opinion that would not be worth it to me!  I’m all about getting the most out of the foods that I eat!!!!  The one I would go with is lean meat tacos (soft corn) with cheese, lettuce, and salsa (2 tacos) is 1 yellow, 1 red, 1 green and 1 blue!
Now that is worth it and filling! 

So now the hard part is figuring out how to keep track of all this and make it work for you!  Luckily we have made it easy for you!  On the Team Beachbody site there are tracking sheets that you can put your container allowance at the top and you can tally each meal of the day and check of what you have! This really gives you a visual to follow.

For me, I am the meal planner so I made myself a color coded excel spreadsheet where I plugged in exactly what I am going to eat for the week. Then along side of that I have my sheet of paper with my grocery list of things I need to pick up at the store.  This way when I am done with the meal plan I can print it off and stick it on the fridge, so I don’t forget what I am making.  Then, I shop so that I actually have the food I planned for! This makes my life so much easier.  No standing in front of the fridge each night wondering what to make!!!
Do you want in on my 21 Day Fix accountability and Support?!?!  Complete the application below to be considered for my next accountability and support group!  I will keep you on track to reaching your own 21 day success!!!!  We will be doing this up until the New Year! Don’t wait to get healthy ! Do it NOW!! The start of a new you, a healthier lifestyle and the body you have always wanted….. THE HEALTHY WAY!!

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Saturday, August 23, 2014


It’s happening  $70 off of Shaun T’s Focus T-25 and Shakeology-
So, I typically just share my upcoming challenge groups, but I can’t NOT let you all in on this amazing deal! This is literally one of my best programs and it is on SUPER SALE. It’s the perfect workout for anyone. 25 minutes and you’re done. And trust me– I was a skeptic before I did it. *25 minutes- no way will it deliver results.*- WRONG! I got ripped!
It is a wonderful program, and from one busy Mom to another… a short workout like 25 minutes could be what you need to get your fitness on! You don’t need to spend hours in the gym! If you want to get healthy and fit, a super fun and motivating program like Focus T-25 is where its at!
So here’s the scoop– for this month only Beachbody brought the price back down by $70!!! This is insane and should be taken advantage of! I was totally inspired and decided to put together a Focus T25 Challenge Group!
Here is what you can expect:
* 25 minute daily workouts that will work your entire body in 25 minutes
* A shopping list and meal plan from me to follow along with the meal plan within the program.
* A 30 day supply of the super dense dose of daily nutrition Shakeology. (my favorite meal of the day)
* Support from a one on one accountability partner.
* An accountability group of 10 other people on the same mission as you !!
* Of course me as your coach to guide you every step of the way.
* Weekly prizes for weekly challenge winners (programs, shaker cups, swag, FUN STUFF!!!)
* A chance to win the big Beachbody Challenge cash prize!!!
If you have ever considered trying the focus T25 Challenge … now it the time to scoop up this deal. It will be gone very soon!
I am only taking 10 Challengers for this group so act fast! The deadline to order your challenge pack is August 30th!
Apply Below to be Considered:

Online contact and registration forms from Wufoo.

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Monday, April 7, 2014


Val’s Summer Slim Down Challenge

Are you tired of feeling down? Feeling crappy? Just feeling blah? Do you need a CHANGE. Something that you can do for yourself and become happy?!!
Are you dreading the summer months because they just snuck up on you? You know that beach season is literally a couple of months away and you are down in the dumps knowing that you let time slip away again instead of taking action and getting FIT!

I want to help you feel good about yourself. No matter what your size, shape, age or gender… we all have to feel comfortable in our own skin. When we don’t then not only are we miserable with ourselves, but we tend to make everyone around us miserable too. Why not take a chance on YOU and make a change. A change that will help you become happy and healthy all at the same time. 

I remember the days of feeling embarrassed to be in a bathing suit. I would always wear a towel or a cover up over my mid section because I knew I had some ‘extra fluff.’ I also know the feeling of just having a baby!! And how you feel amazing because of the little bundle of joy you have in your arms, but then the extra 5, 10, 20, 50 pounds left over that you have to lose!


My game changer was six years ago. Six years ago after I had my first baby and I just looked down and saw the way that my stomach looked… it didn’t look like that before I got pregnant, that’s for sure! So, my mother in law surprised my husband and I with P90X. It had just came out and I was a HUGE skeptic. How could something that she got from an infomercial really work? It was all a gimmick. 

WELL, the JOKE was on ME! I humored my husband and we did it every night after we put our infant down to sleep. And let me tell you, that program was NO JOKE. And, although hard as heck.. I FELL IN LOVE! Tony Horton whipped my butt into shape! I had lost 10 pounds in the first month and I just kept pushing play. Everyday! — And yes, there were many times that I had to hit pause, stop for a little bit, but then just played it when I was ready… and the results still came!

It’s your time!

From there we basically went through all of the programs over the years. When I got to TurboFire, I KNEW that I had found my soulmate workout! Chalene Johnson was my GIRL! I had done TurboJam around the time that I did P90X and loved her in that. She and her sister Jenelle honestly just changed me! “Working out” with them everyday just kept me motivated and her words of encouragement filled my soul!!! 

So, now after my ramble of my love affair with all of the programs, I am getting to FOCUS T25. —HOT HOT HOT! I’m telling you. I never had abs until this program. I seriously can go on and on about it! It is literally 25 minutes a day from start to finish. It is just an amazing program. Period. The moves are different from any that I’ve ever done in a program before. And I never did a single sit up! Pretty cool deal if you ask me!

T25 results
Okay- so here we are.. you are thinking– “WOW! That’s awesome! But, I don’t know….” Well, I do know. YOU CAN DO THIS!! I WANT YOU TO DO THIS WITH ME!!
So, consider this your formal SUMMER SLIM DOWN CHALLENGE INVITE!! We start on April 14th and workouts officially kick off on the 21st. We can do this together! I promise you, I’m a pretty darn good coach and I have a huge success rate of clients. 
I’m normal. I’m a mom, I’m a wife and I’m a natural motivator. I WANT nothing more than to help you succeed. NOTHING more than than show you that a healthy lifestyle is NOT HARD. It is fun and necessary for not on your future, but for your children (if you have any!)!!
I KNOW that it is hard to ask for help. It is kind of like admitting you have a problem, right? Well, I don’t look at it like that. Change is hard to do alone. We need a support system. This is where my groups take the cake (you like that pun don’t you 😉 ). Shoot, I have areas in my life where I still struggle with! I mean, lets face it.. we have a lot on our plates! I am a mom, a wife, a business owner, so I work full time from home and I’m also lucky enough to be here for my babes at the same time. I’m a ‘maid’, a chef, a ‘nurse’, a financial planner, a gardener, a pet taker care of er and the list goes on! I quit making excuses a long time ago! NOW, I just make lists 😉 And when I do that, life goes much smoother. 
So here is the scoop!!!  This month T25 is on promotion which means that they have discounted the price about $90 for the challenge pack.  Plus T25 is by far the most effective workout I have seen.  Yes, you can actually get great results in 25 minutes a day 5 days a week. Trust me, you jump right in, you get started, you work hard and you get results.  Shaun T has great modifications so no matter what your ability level is you can do this workout!!!!  You can see from the pictures below that it works!!! 
So T25 is the program of choice, because lets face it we don’t have hours to spend in the gym and we have to get on with life.  So this fits our lifestyle!!!! 
Then you are committed to replacing 1 meal a day with Shakeology for the duration of the 10 weeks.  Yes, I know that some people don’t want to do a meal replacement, they are afraid they won’t like it, it won’t taste good, its too expensive or they don’t want to have to drink it forever to keep the weight off!  Well, the good news is this!  It is not your typical protein shake!!  It is a meal replacement with the proper carb to protein ratio to keep you full for 2 1/2 to 3 hours, to give you natural energy, to curb cravings for sweets, and to keep you healthy!  Most of us have good intentions of eating healthy, of cooking and preparing all our meals each day but lets face it that doesn’t happen.  We run late, we oversleep, the kids misbehaved and we are finding ourselves running out the door without breakfast or lunch.  Instead of hitting the drive thru you literally grab a shaker cup, water and Shakeology!  Breakfast on the go minus the crap that weighs you down and keeps you from reaching your goal.  It’s nutrition in a glass and its convenient!!!  So, trust me on this!  Give me 10 weeks of Shakeology and I will teach you how to plan out your meals, how to make better choices and at the end of the group you will be armed with all the tools to make healthy decisions and you can decide to continue or not at that time! DEAL!!!!!

So now what?!  What can you expect?!  When you sign up for my challenge group you don’t just get a bag of Shakeology and a fitness program!  You get “ME”!!!!  LOL, well you get a lot!  So I run groups in which I add you to a closed online support group where no one but the members of the group can see what is being posted. Then, I have an entire week before we start and I call it “Pre-Season” and this is where we plan and prep.  I help you write goals, we do pics and measurements, we talk about meal planning in depth and I guide you in the right direction to be ready for day 1! 
Then each week you get a motivational Monday video from me, and a daily post with either tips, tricks, recipes, accountability to keep you on track.  Each day you log in, read the daily post, log your accountability stats and you stay focused on your journey!  There will be ups and downs, days you want to quit, or days that you feel like the progress isn’t happening fast enough. That is why I am here!   I will help you stay focused and accountable so this program doesn’t become something else you buy, have good intentions and then life get in the way and never finish!  This time it’s different!!!!!

NOW is the time to do this. NOW is YOUR time. Prove to yourself that you can change. It is a learned habit and I will be there with you ever step of the way. Let’s do this together! Do you have what it takes!?!

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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Week 1: Body Beast/ T25 Hybrid

Week 1: Body Beast/T25 Hybrid
I am so excited to be changing up the routine this week! I was planning to start Body Beast last Monday, but I hurt my back on Sunday morning, so that idea flew out the window! So, I have mended myself back to normal and I am so excited to get started!  So, I was going to just do Body Beast, but I decided that since we are going into the peak of the holiday season, I will do a hybrid so I can really focus on getting my lifting in and on those few days a week when time is of the essence, I will do a T25 workout! WIN WIN! I have never done Body Beast, so this is really exciting for me! I have a few friends who are in the second phase and they LOVE IT and are getting INSANE results! I can’t wait to really pump my muscles. 
This week I am going to be focusing solely on perfect form and also staying spot on with my meal plan. It is the start of the holiday season and I refuse to put on any extra holiday fluff! That is not going to happen to this girl and I don’t want it to happen to you either! This is a joyous time to spend with friends and family! To be thankful for everything and to know that we are all so blessed! With that being said, let’s not allow this season to get the bets of us! Don’t allow your season to revolve around FOOD! Food is not that special! I know, I know.. we all get excited about Grandma’s special pumpkin pie and Aunt Sally’s famous sugar cookies! That is perfectly okay!! BUT, what we don’t want to do is focus so much on them that we end up eating the whole tray of cookies ourselves!

 I want to give you a suggestion. Set a number of cookies that you are going to allow yourself to have this holiday season. From now until January 1st, what is an acceptable number of treats you can give yourself that will make you feel satisfied, but not stuffed? Is that number 12? 15? 20? Choose your number and write it down! PUT IT IN YOUR PHONE!!! And after each sweet treat you eat, cross of a 1,2,3… etc! That will really make you be aware of what is going into your mouth!! AND I bet that you will find yourself being more mindful of which treat goes to your lips. Is it worth eating that walmart cooking when you know next weekend Grannie will have her homemade goodies?? NO! It’s all about eating what you want in moderation and also paying attention to what you are eating 🙂 Hope that little tip helps!

HERE IS MY SCHEDULE THIS WEEK!!!! November 25th- December 1st 🙂 
Body Beast Build Week / Focus T25

  • Day 1: BB Build: Chest/Tris + Fit Club in the Evening- T25: Cardio
  • Day 2: BB Build: Legs
  • Day 3: BB Build: Back/Bis 
  • Day 4: T25: Speed 2.0
  • Day 5: BB: Build: Shoulders / T25: Lower Focus
  • Day 6: BB Build: Chest/Tris + Ab Intervals
  • Day 7: Rest OR T25: Stretch OR T25: Core Speed
Back to the meal planning. It is really important to me to make sure that I am fueling my body properly. I like how I feel when I am getting in all of my veggies and fruits, when I am drinking my Shakeology everyday and when I am exercising! My body thanks me! Shoot, I have abs I didn’t know existed! I EAT and I DON’T FEEL DEPRIVED!! EVER!! I plan my cheat meals each week and I enjoy my life! 
I do want you guys to focus on eating at least every 3 hours! It is so important to your body that you are eating because that is what gets your metabolism up and up!! Are you someone who says “I’m never hungry?” Well, that is probably because you are eating too many calories at one sitting and also your metabolism is not as fast as it could or possibly should be! Check out my meal plan to see how I plan my days of meals 🙂 

So, I will be checking in with you all on my progress this week! I can’t wait to start getting my muscles really pumping and see what a difference I can make in my body! I like change and I can’t wait to share this with you! Stay tuned!!  And I have made a lot of progress so far!! I can’t wait to go further!! 🙂 

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