Tuesday, January 20, 2015

What is Beachbody Coaching? And is it right for you?

Have you ever considered for a moment what your life would be like if you were able to get paid to workout, get paid to promote health and be the example for so many people and really– get paid to just BE YOURSELF?

YOU call the shots.
YOU make your own schedule.
YOU design your own life.
YOU get to help as many people achieve success as you want.

It’s all about what YOU want and how much you love helping others.

Well- that’s pretty much my job.

I have gotten so many questions- so many EYE ROLLS (bc let’s face it… so many people think that what I do is a pyramid scheme or not attainable for them). First of all- pyramid schemes are illegal and that is NOT what I do. I am providing a service to every person that joins my challenge group! I GET TO HELP THEM ACHIEVE HEALTH, FITNESS and EMOTIONAL GOALS! It’s amazing!!!! And secondly- EVERY SINGLE PERSON that wants to be successful can be. Point blank! It just takes a willingness to want to be better, do better and *gulp* CHANGE!

My lifestyle is all about growth. It is all about living outside of my comfort zone and doing new things everyday. YOU can do this too then this could be the opportunity of a life time!!

I started this business 19 months ago. I had 140 Facebook friends (most were family and friends from High School). I had two small kids and a husband who was hardly ever at home. I was depressed. I was miserable in my life. I was looking for a job as a substitute teacher while I worked on getting my teaching certification. I was lost. I was tired of feeling bloated and miserable. My thyroid issues were taking over my life. I was tired. I was literally a MESS!!!

Then, I got an invitation to hear more about this coaching opportunity. I had NO IDEA what this girl was talking about.. I knew about Beachbody- I had done the workout programs off and on for years.. but becoming a coach? What in the world.. (Again- the skeptic brain kicked in and that was not a REAL JOB.. was it?)

I got more and more info about it. I made excuses as to why it wouldnt work. Why I shouldn’t do it. But then….. one day. I DECIDED— i had nothing to lose. I had to do something to change.

SO I took a leap of faith. I discovered my WHY. That deep down, crazy scary reason of WHY I had to start changing… the reason was because I didn’t want to leave my kids at daycare. I didn’t want my house to go into foreclosure because we were struggling paying the bills. And– most of all– I didn’t want my kids to have to live a life of mom and dad never being home because we had to work so much just to make ends meet.


I jumped and grew my wings on the way down. I had NO IDEA what I was doing. Google and YouTube became my best friends. I took one small step in the right direction everyday. I cried. I laughed. I surprised myself EVERDAY! I SUCKED as a coach at first!! (Sorry if you were one who got a REALY HORRIBLE invitation to a challenge group from me in my first few months… ick. I know you rolled your eyes and deleted it 😉 )… But I LEARNED from my mistakes. I failed forward. I FAIL FORWARD EVERYDAY. I celebrated every little thing. Ever milestone. Every little thing that most wouldnt find to be a big deal– I MADE IT A BIG DEAL!
No matter if my challenger lost .5 pounds or 100 pounds– i MADE (and obviously still) MAKE them a big deal!
Now- 19 months later– I have a team of over 500 coaches. I personally train my coaches. I mentor them 1:1 and I lead them
My faith is stronger. GOD is the reason why I am here. My family is stronger. THEY are my WHY. And my coaches/team—> FAMILY.. THEY make everyday BETTER!!!!

This is not just a job. THIS IS MY LIFE!!! I had a VISION 19 months ago- a vision to just make a difference. To change. To GROW! TO SUCCEED!!

Here I sit. The #1 coach in the state of Mississippi. The #80 coach out of 236,000 coaches in the network. A 5 star diamond ELITE coach (top 1% in the entire company) and I have the trust, respect and love of a team who is growing by leaps and bounds!!

THIS is my life and it could be yours!!!!

Would you like to be included in my informational webinar this THURSDAY NIGHT at 9:00 PM EST? Please email me at valbozzo15@gmail.com to listen in and hear how this may be the RIGHT PATH FOR YOU TOO!!


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Monday, November 11, 2013

2 Week Coach Apprenticeship Trial!!


Have you EVER CONSIDERED becoming a Beachbody Coach??? Do you even know what a Beachbody Coach is or what a coach does? Are you afraid of joining and then just being overwhelmed? Are you afraid of failure? Are you afraid of change? Are you someone who has to know what they are doing before they jump in with both feet? Well, here is your chance to give it a ‘test run’ before you jump all in! 
Now you can try out coaching before you become a coach.  Starting Monday November 11th, 2013, YES, that is TOMORROW!!! I am accepting 5 individuals who are seriously, I mean SERIOUSLY are considering becoming a coach. You will be accepted into a 2 week trial of my coach apprenticeship program.  I will teach you the basics of coaching and give you a snapshot of what you can expect to learn and implement as a coach on the Dream Team.  You will be added to our online accountability group and I will mentor you 1:1 and in a group setting for the next 14 days.  Then at that point you can decide if Beachbody Coaching is for you.
So the two weeks will include:

Access to my closed facebook support group.
Daily suggested activities to help you start and grow your business.

Access to team trainings, webinars, teaching tools, documents and more.
1:1 contact with me as your coach and 2 weekly group calls.
Setting goals and prioritizing your day.
Setting up your Beachbody Power Hour
How to Start a Challenge Group
How to Earn

How to get enrolled:

Complete the Dream Team Coach Application: FILL OUT MY FORM

Go to my site and create a customer account, this will assign me as your coach. Assign ME as your coach
(You cannot have a coach that you currently work with or you cannot already be a coach).
Send me a Facebook Friend Request to Facebook.

We currently have the 2nd fastest growing team in the company and we continue to be power houses in leading by example. As a team or focus is truly helping other people reach their goals but doing so in a way that respects family life, home work life balance and fun.

My goal is to help give interested individuals who are passionate about helping others achieve their health and fitness goals a way to solidify your decision as to whether or not this is right for you!! 

I wouldn’t wait long, I expect this to fill up fast!!!

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