Monday, January 26, 2015

Join A Top Elite Team In Beachbody: Legacy United

I can’t even put in to words what a WILD RIDE the past 20 months have been! INCREDIBLE is the first word that pops into my head. The stories that I can tell, the things that I have learned along the way and the FRIENDSHIPS that I have built are all mind-blowing. This business has literally changed every single aspect of  my life for the BETTER and I am going to share a few key points as to WHY I love this so much– and maybe our team will be the right fit for you too.

I am a stay at home momma with two little girls. I am a wife and I am just ME. I had no idea that in a matter of about a year and a half- I could and WOULD truly grow an organization with more than 500 coaches, 7 Diamond coaches, 1 Star Diamond coach and so many new and blossoming friendships I could burst! It’s true what they say– you attract like minded people and BABY– I sure have attracted some amazing teammates FOR SURE!

Now- this year– we are projected to grow even faster, even bigger and even BETTER– especially now that I am an Elite Coach and the TOP COACH in the state of Mississippi. I have created a stable foundation for my team and I have built brick by brick, layer by layer!

How did I do this?

I made a DECISION. I had a feeling in my belly that was like fire and I just had this thought– “WHY NOT ME?” Why couldnt I be successful like ‘the other people.?’ Why couldn’t I help to change one person’s life? Why couldn’t I make a living being a stay at home mom and still working a job that I loved? WHY NOT ME?

So- I started. That is it. I just committed to growth. I committed to doing 3 Vital Behaviors everyday that I BELIEVED would grow my business.

I set some small goals. I started with a goal to just help 1 person. That was it. So- that happened in my first week. That was EXCITING- so I celebrated. Then- I said- I’m going to help 2 more people in the next two weeks…  HOLY COW- It happened. I DID IT!  The next goal was a little different- I decided that I wanted to make enough money to just help with the groceries. That was our biggest expense- so any little bit helped. —> GUESS WHAT? I helped pay for almost half of our grocery bill that first month! It was AWESOME!

That gave me a little confidence. A little time to see the potential of the things that I was doing. A way for me to see how this was working.

So- I made sure to dig deep and work hard every month. I set my goals small and then– all of a sudden I made this big scary goal to end 2014 as an Elite Coach in the top 100 out of 230,000 coaches. I was so far off the charts at the time that my ‘number’ just said > 5,000!!! But darn it- I am determined and driven- I had a vision and I was going to create it.

I plugged away all year. I crushed some goals– and others I totally failed at. It is how LIFE WORKS! We don’t always get what we want or what we are pushing for at the time WE WANT THEM! We just have to focus and stay motivated to keep going.

So- I ended the year as an elite coach- as the #80 coach AND as the #1 {TOP COACH} in the state of Mississippi! HARD WORK PAYS OFF!!

My greatest joy is watching my team mates achieve success!! THAT is what it is all bout!!! So here is what I’m going to do! I am going to walk you through the process of what a coach does, how to sign up, what are your investment options, how do you make money, how do you share vs sell and more!  Listen to the recording of my business opportunity call below. 

Lastly if have watched the call, or if you know that you want to be on coach on Legacy United then you are in for a treat. I just finished developing a brand new coach apprenticeship program that is the EPIC of all trainings that I have ever developed for new coaches. The brains of 3 Top Elite coaches having been busy working on the 


This training has everything that you need to be a successful coach. All of the tips and tricks I have learned to help you grow a successful business. Including Boot camp on the vital behaviors, Social media training, sponsoring high powered coaches, and leadership training. 
We just finished it and I am looking for 10 new coaches that want to do the training 1;1 with me.
This is going to be a one of a kind SMALL group where I am going to personally mentor you 1:1 and in a group setting over 30 days. All of the training is down online and you can go at your own pace.
I am going to teach you exactly what I did to start my business, to reach success in my first few months, to successfully invite, and start a challenge group without you having to re invent the wheel.

You will have access to my guides, my scripts, my resources, templates, and call recordings.  I absolutely love training my coaches and I feel very passionate about making sure you have a successful start!  While I cannot MAKE you successful, just as in your fitness journey, you can have a stellar meal plan and workout but if you don’t follow the plan you won’t get the results!  You have to do the work!  Same thing with our business!  It’s fun, but it takes purposeful action each day to bring about results.  Instead of stabbing in the dark, I will guide you on that purposeful direction.

Does this sound like something you would like to do?  Then Complete the application below to be considered for a spot on my team and to gather more information!

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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Tosca’s Clean Eating Tips and Portion Control!

I have based most of my clean eating around the amazing Tosca Reno.  I realized one day that I had to take control over what I was putting into not only my body, but serving to may growing family as well.  I realized quickly that I was NOT eating proper portions or proper types of food– even though I took pride in saying that I “ate healthy.” — NADA. That was false. Taco Bell drive thru twice a week, bread/rolls with every dinner, too many carbs and too little veggies– and don’t get me started on the sugar consumption each day!! BUT I was honestly blind to it… because “I was thin– it didn’t affect me.” BUT IT DID. My mood, my energy levels, my skin, basically everything about my body was just BLAH!!

BUT– Tosca couldn’t have said it better!  Are you struggling with eating clean and what to eat and when to eat it!  I promise you- eating 5-6 small meals a day is what your body needs. And it is not hard to do once you get into the routine! Check out this YouTube video on portion sizes to get your mind in the right place!!!

I absolutely love TOSCA and she is usually my GO TO book and I look up her youtube vids often!  I am so thankful that I picked up one of her books one day about a year and a half ago! It has changed my life and made me see that clean eating tastes AMAZING and I am not deprived at all!! I lost those last pesky 10 pounds that were sticking around because of the ‘plateau’ that I thought I would never overcome… It is all mental! That paired with drinking my Shakeology everyday and working out 6 days a week is exactly what I need and exactly what my clients do! It’s a lifestyle! And it works!

If you want more information please message me at and I’d be glad to help you develop a plan to start eating clean and getting lean!!

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Monday, April 7, 2014


Val’s Summer Slim Down Challenge

Are you tired of feeling down? Feeling crappy? Just feeling blah? Do you need a CHANGE. Something that you can do for yourself and become happy?!!
Are you dreading the summer months because they just snuck up on you? You know that beach season is literally a couple of months away and you are down in the dumps knowing that you let time slip away again instead of taking action and getting FIT!

I want to help you feel good about yourself. No matter what your size, shape, age or gender… we all have to feel comfortable in our own skin. When we don’t then not only are we miserable with ourselves, but we tend to make everyone around us miserable too. Why not take a chance on YOU and make a change. A change that will help you become happy and healthy all at the same time. 

I remember the days of feeling embarrassed to be in a bathing suit. I would always wear a towel or a cover up over my mid section because I knew I had some ‘extra fluff.’ I also know the feeling of just having a baby!! And how you feel amazing because of the little bundle of joy you have in your arms, but then the extra 5, 10, 20, 50 pounds left over that you have to lose!


My game changer was six years ago. Six years ago after I had my first baby and I just looked down and saw the way that my stomach looked… it didn’t look like that before I got pregnant, that’s for sure! So, my mother in law surprised my husband and I with P90X. It had just came out and I was a HUGE skeptic. How could something that she got from an infomercial really work? It was all a gimmick. 

WELL, the JOKE was on ME! I humored my husband and we did it every night after we put our infant down to sleep. And let me tell you, that program was NO JOKE. And, although hard as heck.. I FELL IN LOVE! Tony Horton whipped my butt into shape! I had lost 10 pounds in the first month and I just kept pushing play. Everyday! — And yes, there were many times that I had to hit pause, stop for a little bit, but then just played it when I was ready… and the results still came!

It’s your time!

From there we basically went through all of the programs over the years. When I got to TurboFire, I KNEW that I had found my soulmate workout! Chalene Johnson was my GIRL! I had done TurboJam around the time that I did P90X and loved her in that. She and her sister Jenelle honestly just changed me! “Working out” with them everyday just kept me motivated and her words of encouragement filled my soul!!! 

So, now after my ramble of my love affair with all of the programs, I am getting to FOCUS T25. —HOT HOT HOT! I’m telling you. I never had abs until this program. I seriously can go on and on about it! It is literally 25 minutes a day from start to finish. It is just an amazing program. Period. The moves are different from any that I’ve ever done in a program before. And I never did a single sit up! Pretty cool deal if you ask me!

T25 results
Okay- so here we are.. you are thinking– “WOW! That’s awesome! But, I don’t know….” Well, I do know. YOU CAN DO THIS!! I WANT YOU TO DO THIS WITH ME!!
So, consider this your formal SUMMER SLIM DOWN CHALLENGE INVITE!! We start on April 14th and workouts officially kick off on the 21st. We can do this together! I promise you, I’m a pretty darn good coach and I have a huge success rate of clients. 
I’m normal. I’m a mom, I’m a wife and I’m a natural motivator. I WANT nothing more than to help you succeed. NOTHING more than than show you that a healthy lifestyle is NOT HARD. It is fun and necessary for not on your future, but for your children (if you have any!)!!
I KNOW that it is hard to ask for help. It is kind of like admitting you have a problem, right? Well, I don’t look at it like that. Change is hard to do alone. We need a support system. This is where my groups take the cake (you like that pun don’t you ๐Ÿ˜‰ ). Shoot, I have areas in my life where I still struggle with! I mean, lets face it.. we have a lot on our plates! I am a mom, a wife, a business owner, so I work full time from home and I’m also lucky enough to be here for my babes at the same time. I’m a ‘maid’, a chef, a ‘nurse’, a financial planner, a gardener, a pet taker care of er and the list goes on! I quit making excuses a long time ago! NOW, I just make lists ๐Ÿ˜‰ And when I do that, life goes much smoother. 
So here is the scoop!!!  This month T25 is on promotion which means that they have discounted the price about $90 for the challenge pack.  Plus T25 is by far the most effective workout I have seen.  Yes, you can actually get great results in 25 minutes a day 5 days a week. Trust me, you jump right in, you get started, you work hard and you get results.  Shaun T has great modifications so no matter what your ability level is you can do this workout!!!!  You can see from the pictures below that it works!!! 
So T25 is the program of choice, because lets face it we don’t have hours to spend in the gym and we have to get on with life.  So this fits our lifestyle!!!! 
Then you are committed to replacing 1 meal a day with Shakeology for the duration of the 10 weeks.  Yes, I know that some people don’t want to do a meal replacement, they are afraid they won’t like it, it won’t taste good, its too expensive or they don’t want to have to drink it forever to keep the weight off!  Well, the good news is this!  It is not your typical protein shake!!  It is a meal replacement with the proper carb to protein ratio to keep you full for 2 1/2 to 3 hours, to give you natural energy, to curb cravings for sweets, and to keep you healthy!  Most of us have good intentions of eating healthy, of cooking and preparing all our meals each day but lets face it that doesn’t happen.  We run late, we oversleep, the kids misbehaved and we are finding ourselves running out the door without breakfast or lunch.  Instead of hitting the drive thru you literally grab a shaker cup, water and Shakeology!  Breakfast on the go minus the crap that weighs you down and keeps you from reaching your goal.  It’s nutrition in a glass and its convenient!!!  So, trust me on this!  Give me 10 weeks of Shakeology and I will teach you how to plan out your meals, how to make better choices and at the end of the group you will be armed with all the tools to make healthy decisions and you can decide to continue or not at that time! DEAL!!!!!

So now what?!  What can you expect?!  When you sign up for my challenge group you don’t just get a bag of Shakeology and a fitness program!  You get “ME”!!!!  LOL, well you get a lot!  So I run groups in which I add you to a closed online support group where no one but the members of the group can see what is being posted. Then, I have an entire week before we start and I call it “Pre-Season” and this is where we plan and prep.  I help you write goals, we do pics and measurements, we talk about meal planning in depth and I guide you in the right direction to be ready for day 1! 
Then each week you get a motivational Monday video from me, and a daily post with either tips, tricks, recipes, accountability to keep you on track.  Each day you log in, read the daily post, log your accountability stats and you stay focused on your journey!  There will be ups and downs, days you want to quit, or days that you feel like the progress isn’t happening fast enough. That is why I am here!   I will help you stay focused and accountable so this program doesn’t become something else you buy, have good intentions and then life get in the way and never finish!  This time it’s different!!!!!

NOW is the time to do this. NOW is YOUR time. Prove to yourself that you can change. It is a learned habit and I will be there with you ever step of the way. Let’s do this together! Do you have what it takes!?!

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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Meal Planning and P90X3

I can hardly believe that I am heading into week 8 of P90X3 as of TOMORROW!  It is crazy to me how much strength I am gaining from this program! I have done almost all of the Beachbody programs and I love them ALL in different ways! I will be honest, on the first day of each of the workouts it took me almost the whole 30 minutes to figure out the moves. That is TOTALLY normal. Don’t give up when you don’t get something on the first try.. or even the second or third try! It is like the saying goes. PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT!! The strength and flexibility I have gained over the past 8 weeks is crazy to me! I am able to do 4 unassisted pull ups at this point. I can do 8 unassisted chin ups and I am going up in my dumbbell weight each week. I actually just told my husband that I really ‘NEED’ the select tech weights because I am going to surpass 30 pound dumbbells before I know it!! ๐Ÿ˜‰ He didn’t seem as enthusiastic about it as I do!! Dumbbell point aside… this workout is amazing and it TRULY IS FOR ANYONE AT ANY FITNESS LEVEL. There is a modifier and there are things that you won’t be able to do the first time. PERIOD. There are things you will have to work towards for awhile before you master it.. BUT, that’s just it… we are ALL a work in progress. RIGHT?! Yes. So, get something that challenges you and you get to work for something every single day. Isn’t that what life is all about? Striving for progress and not perfection? That’s my thoughts at least.
I do know one thing about working out (well, honestly.. I know more than one thing, but I will say one thing right now)… You have to make it a habit. I get up every single day between 5:15 and 5:30 am to get my workout done. The BEAUTY of P90X3 is that it is 30 minutes from start to finish. So, I know that I will be done by 6:00 am and then I put my mommy hat on and get the kiddos breakfast, dressed and out the door for school. That is just how my morning goes. I have a plan and a schedule every day and it works for me. NOW, you do not HAVE to workout everyday before the sun comes up. It really is whatever time works best for you and your schedule. I will say that if you are someone who will fret about your workout until it is done and not looming over your head, then you SHOULD TRY to get yourself in the HABIT of working out before you start your day. It amps up your energy for the day, you feel great because you know you already got your sweat on and you don’t have to plan around the rest of your day to ‘fit it in.’ You should never have to fit in your workout, your YOU time. It should be a priority. You don’t cancel on your boss do you? Well, don’t cancel on yourself! Make YOU the best you there can be. Take care of your body. 
The more you workout, the more you eat healthy, the better you’ll feel. It’s simple science. And you will begin to get results! I don’t care who you are…. I promise that you will and do feel better the more you workout and eat clean. Fueling your body properly sets your days, weeks, months and years up for SUCCESS!! 
I am a prime example of how meal planning will get you results. Eating clean is a passion of mine. I started my clean eating journey last March, so it’s been 11 months now and I have never looked back. I was always someone who could run through a drive thru 3 times a week, drink a soda a day and be ‘fine.’ (OR SO I THOUGH).. The first picture was taken last March. I was 130 pounds and really felt bloated and icky all the time. I was a size 4 and just didn’t feel comfortable in my own skin anymore. YES, I know some of you are thinking… “OH POOR YOU… A SIZE 4!!!”… I never did nor will I ever complain about being a size 4! However; again it does not matter what SIZE you are or how much you WEIGH.. it is how you feel that should matter! I was feeling tired, grumpy, lazy, bloated and just plain miserable most days. I could FEEL the sugar/wheat/gluten take over my insides when I would eat it. NOT A GOOD FEELING!! 
So, I started researching clean eating and embraced it. My family and I eat the same things each day. We LOVE what we eat and don’t miss Taco Bell or McDonalds… that’s for sure!! Now, another important factor in this.. WE ARE
REAL PEOPLE. We cheat at least one meal, sometimes two meals a week. We plan it out and decide what we want. Most days we go out to eat after church on Sundays. Some days it is pizza, others it is pasta, hamburgers, ice cream, whatever!! 80% of the time we eat clean and 20% of the time we splurge and eat what we are craving. I will ALWAYS tell everyone that MODERATION is the key. If there is a night where I just WANT a beer, guess what.. I’m going to have a beer. I just ALWAYS ACCOUNT FOR IT. That is another key factor. You should count calories if you don’t really know what you are eating and WRITE EVERYTHING YOU PUT INTO YOUR MOUTH DOWN ON PAPER. It may be a reality check for some of you! It sure was for me! SO this is what I started to do… I started to make a weekly meal plan. Wrote out EVERYTHING I was going to eat.. And guess what? IT HELPED! I would print out a copy and hang it on my fridge, I would print a copy for my car and I would give a copy to my husband who would pack his meals and take them to work with him. We started to lose weight and feel better!!! So, now.. 11 months later I weigh in at 120-122, depending on the day and I just FEEL BETTER. I love this lifestyle, I know that we are doing our bodies so much more justice than before and the biggest reward is knowing that my kids are being properly nourished. We all LOVE shakeology each day and that is our ‘treat’ for the day. We LOVE our life!

Now, like I said before it has become a lifestyle change. BUT, it did not happen overnight! It is baby steps!! I don’t expect you to throw everything away in your pantry unless if you are an all or nothing type of person. It is the gradual little changes that happen. Do you think that I LOVE to get up at 5:15 every single morning?? NOPE! BUT, I love the rewarding feeling I have after my workout is over, so that is worth it for me. I am like the rest of you. I want to stay in my warm bed and hit the snooze over and over, but I MAKE myself get up and head out to my freezing cold garage by 5:30 am. It works. Some mornings I want to cry! HAHAH!!! Other mornings I’m fired up and ready to go! (Those are usually the mornings that I have some new workout clothes to wear!! ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) But, this is just the real me. Sometimes I will have a Pepsi on a day that isn’t a scheduled cheat mea (NOT OFTEN, I PROMISE YOU THAT) but sometimes… I do. It’s all about accounting for it and making up for it in other ways. Maybe and extra workout session or a few cut calories for another meal. All in all.. Enjoy your life, but be HEALTHY! We only get one body! TREAT IT WELL!!! And yes, this is me in front of my space heater waiting for my P90X3 workout to START!! YOU CAN DO IT! You have to WANT IT ๐Ÿ™‚ 

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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Almond Crusted Tilapia (or Chicken!)

This recipe is so good! It gives your fish or chicken an amazing flavor all while being super healthy! It gets an A+ from my family, so I want to share it with you!!


1 1/2-2 pounds of chicken or tilapia
1 pound bag of unsalted almonds
1 cup (maybe a little more) egg whites
onion powder
garlic powder

This makes a LOT of breading. I usually divide it in half and freeze the half I’m not using for next time! Simple and easy! I’m all about freezing leftovers or 1/2 of dinners so I can just pull them out next time we have it!


Okay- so first thing is first. Line a cookie sheet with aluminum foil. It makes clean up so much easier!!

In a food processor blend the almonds, salt, pepper, paprika, onion and garlic powders until fine.  I honestly just guestimate the seasonings. I am sorry if you are a a measuring person!!! I just put a pinch here and a dash there!! Taste it along the way to see how you like it!

Okay, separate the mixture and freeze half at this point.

Now, take your meat. Cut it into slices. I will put mine in between plastic wrap and ‘pound’ them until thin. They cook faster and taste better when they are thin!! Usually 6-8 pieces! Put the egg whites in a bowl and now you will want to coat your meat in egg whites. I usually get it pretty wet with egg whites and then I dip the meat into the almond flour mixture! Coat it well and place it on the GREASED cookie sheet with the foil on it. To grease it, I just take a little bit of Olive Oil on a cooking brush and brush the foil with it before I put my chicken down on it. Works great.

If you are like me and like your chicken/fish CRISPY then bake at 325 degrees for 20 minutes. At the 10 minute mark I take them out of the oven, flip them over (so they don’t get soggy) and finish cooking. THEN I put them under the broiler for about 5 minutes to get the tops really crispy like “fried” chicken!!

Try it tonight! I hope you LOVE it as much as we do!

I generally serve with baked sweet potatoes and baked asparagus with LOTS of garlic ๐Ÿ˜‰

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