Monday, May 16, 2016


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I have learned that I can’t please everyone and when you are too focused on living up to other people’s standards, you arent spending enough time raising your own.

Throughout your life you will come across people who will criticize you.

People might judge you and some might try to belittle your ambition.

No matter how BIG or how SMALL your circle it is crucial that you remember this. KEEP COMPANY ONLY WITH PEOPLE WHO UPLIFT YOU. There are seasons in our lives, but one thing is for sure… time goes to quickly to feel less than incredible at any given moment and it is the energy that you release and the positivity that you surround yourself with that will make you feel at your peak always.

If you think you can– YOU CAN.


I always tell myself I will not DIE an UNLIVED LIFE!

I will not LIVE in FEAR of FAILING.

I choose to inhabit my days, to allow this life to challenge me, to change me for the BETTER, to make me less AFRAID, more APPROACHABLE, to LOOSEN my HEART, to make me more ACCESSIBLE and to MOTIVATE others to better themselves.

I choose to RISK my SIGNIFICANCE, to live so that whoever crosses my path BLOSSOMS.

I choose to take CHARGE of my CHOICES, to live with no REGRETS and to make this ONE LIFE COUNT.

I am looking for others to join me on this BLISSFUL journey of LIFE together. Helping others become their BEST SELF.

If this is YOU then please APPLY to join my coaching family.

Together we are BETTER.

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