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Week 2 P90X3 Progress and Meal Plan



Guess whattttt?!! I am going STRONG and I am feeling pretty dang good about my progress I’m making with this program! It can be so easy to start slipping during week 2. The motivation is gone and it’s really a time that we have to muster up every ounce of strength we have to get out of bed and make the magic happen! (With our workout 😉 ) – NOW- let me remind you!! These workouts can be done anywhere. I chose to turn my garage into my own home gym, but before that I would do them in my living room (push the coffee table over and go!), I do them outside sometimes (beachbody on demand allows us to stream or download to any mobile device) or really wherever I feel like it! That’s the beauty of it all!!


So week 2 was the same routine as week 1. How this program works is that for 3 weeks you do the same Monday workout, Tuesday workout, etc. So ultimately you only do the same workout 3 times in one month. And then it will switch in month 2 and 3. (I know you’re excited for me to get there and share too! 😉 )

Screen Shot 2016-07-10 at 8.04.28 AM


So I will give you the layout of exactly which workout I did on which day!! And what it’s like!!! Here you go!!


Day 1- Total Synergistics.

A total body workout routine that has you working pretty much every muscle. From plank work, to pushups, some pull ups and abs– it’s all covered! And in 30 minutes you’re covered in sweat and feeling amazing! There is a modifier in every one of the workouts, so don’t ever feel like you need to be advanced to do this program. You can literally be someone who is just starting out, but you want to do something for YOU! This is for anyone ready for a change.



Day 2- Agility X.

Talk about feeling like I’m training for the Olympics or something! This side to side jumps, squats, lunges, high knees– it makes me feel like a bad@$$!!!! And no matter what your ability level- Tony talks you through every move and how to modify, intensify or do it at your personal best! It’s just another thing I love about Tony Horton!

And my secret weapon for early morning workouts- ENERGIZE! It is my life saver! I would not be able to get up every morning before the sun without it!



Day 3- Yoga.

It’s HARD. Hands down… I’m not super flexible and this is not in my comfort zone! So I’m saying that I know it is good for me, I know that my muscles need it, but me- I’m just going to have to keep practicing. This whole program gives me moves that I love and that i’m good at, one’s that i love and i’m not good at and ones that I really don’t like all around! But I do it because it’s part of the program and I know that I will IMPROVE! It’s all about mind over matter! And yoga makes me feel so long and lean!! I’m just super sore from it because it takes a lot of work! GREAT workout! Just different than lifting weights!



Day 4- The Challenge.

This workout will humble you. Trust me. No matter what your ability level is- this one will kick some butt. It’s a push pull sequence for 30 minutes.. which ultimately means that you are doing push ups and pull ups back to back for 30 minutes! All different variations of the moves. Some wide grip pull ups, some close grip, regular, chin ups, etc. And if you are someone (like I used to be) who can’t do a pull up yet- then all you need is a resistance band to hang over a door and the modifier will show you how to do them that way! Still a killer workout none the less. And push ups range from regular, military, wide stance and gahhh the list goes on! Basically- my arms kinda feel like they are going to fall off by the time I’m finished, but I secretly love it because…. I KNOW that I am working my muscles and definition will come!



Day 5- CVX.

Talk about cardio with weights! A low weight. One 5 pound dumbbell.. but man on man, that 5 pound dumbbell has my sweating like crazy in this 30 minute routine! You will be standing, on the floor, doing abs, arm work, leg work and more! It’s the total body workout package! And did I mention- you’re gonna sweat?! No need for a shirt- it will just be drenched in sweat anyways!



Day 6- The Warrior.

Have I called any of these workouts my favorite yet?! Because this is one of them!!! I love the warrior! It goes from an upper body move, to a lower body move to abs repeat, repeat, repeat!!!! By far- my jam!! There is this one move- called a SUPER BURPEE and you know I’m gonna have a video to show you 😉 It’s posted below! But man alive! This workout will get you in TIP TOP SHAPE for sure!!



Day 7- Rest Day or Dynamix.

So I did Dynamix because I wanted to check it out. It is a really great workout that is slow and low key. I did a few leg lifts and stretches for my whole body. It was a great way to still get my blood flowing, but not get too sweaty or out of breath. Light and just what anyone needs after 6 days of intense training!!




This week- I WAS SORE. I’m telling you I tried my hardest some days to make myself believe I deserved a rest day ( I DID NOT. SORE IS BETTER THAN SORRY!!) Every muscle ached, but that’s 100% normal in weeks 1 and 2 because it’s a new program! And I know that- so let me tell you– get to know your body and understand the difference between sore and possibly an injury. But soreness and tiredness actually gets much better within about 3 minutes of a workout! You just need to MOVE and stretch! And you will start to feel better! I PROMISE!!!

Screen Shot 2016-07-09 at 9.21.04 AM



Ibuprofen, Epsom salt bath, bio freeze, heating pad, ice packs, massage, LOTS of WATER, Recover formula (i love it- it tastes like a chocolate yoohoo!), green leafy veggies, stretching, go for a walk and exercise!


Now for the meal plan! I did well- again I am totally about the 80/20 RULE! 80% healthy/clean eating and 20% eating whatever the heck I want a couple of times a week!! When I eat according to my goals and I stick to what I should be eating at the right times of the day then I swear I don’t really crave a whole lot of anything. I am normally eating way before I ever even feel hungry. So eat every 2 1/2 hours and you will see that it works well. A few of the days this week I was feeling extra hungry, so I added in an extra carb and protein!! And my cheats were burgers, lemon bars, a donut and chips!

If you need some extra help with what clean eating is and really how to make it all work- my blog here of course has resources, but a couple of my favorite books are Tosca Reno’s Eat Clean Diet and also Natalie Jill’s 7 Day Jump Start. screen-shot-2015-03-03-at-12-40-10-pm


As I have been writing this blog post this morning, I really started to reflect over the last 3 years of my life. What makes now different than years passed where I would start out strong with working out or going to the gym, but then I wouldn’t know what I was doing or if what I was doing was even going to produce results… so then I would workout and then go home and just eat whatever I thought was healthy because I didn’t know any better. Or I would say that I just worked out, so I can eat whatever I want… and that is not true at all.


I didn’t get the concept of clean eating and frankly, years ago I didn’t want to get the concept. I was closed minded and just thought I was meant to have extra fluff sticking to me… because ultimately I worked out for like one week and didn’t see results, so I got frustrated and did a little emotional eating to calm myself! I was literally undoing everything I had done in the gym.  And there were even times I would meet with a personal trainer or an experienced gym goer and they would give me a program to follow.. But the problem was that I #1- either had to do it on my own or had limited time with the trainer and #2- the trainer wasn’t giving me a meal plan and wasn’t there to knock the junk out of my pantry!!
So, like most people  I threw in the towel and went back to my old ways swearing that I was meant to be out of shape forever and that my body was genetically predisposed to having a spare tire around my waste!
My whole life I just thought that lean cuisines, lean pockets, low fat and fat free were the only way to go!  — that is SO WRONG!!!
So, here’s the thing.. I finally got to my breaking point and wanted to just do something that WORKED!! I saw the infomercials for our programs and I saw that they worked for other people- and they looked fun… sooooo I DID IT. When I was invited to join a challenge group I was at my wits end and I had no where else to turn.  I still had a skeptic mindset though! I mean I really had my doubts about home programs.. I thought the only way to get results was by going to the gym or running or by having a personal trainer.  Basically, by torturing yourself.  But at that point I was willing to try anything to feel comfortable in my skin again.

So here’s what I have learned and I will teach YOU in my Challenge Group.

1.  80% of your results come from your nutrition.  You can cardio yourself to death and see no change if you continue to have poor eating habits.


2.  SUPPORT is what made me SUCCEED!  Having a community of support to check in daily with is what was the magic or secret sauce for me.  At any given time I could make a post in the closed group regarding my daily struggles and someone would give me either a tip, suggestion, lift me up or love on me so that I didn’t quit.  I felt a sense of peace knowing that I wasn’t the only one struggling during certain weeks.  I wasn’t the only one that didn’t feel their body wasn’t changing fast enough, it was nice to know that my food cravings and my daily struggles were normal!!!  I was not alone!  We were all in this together.  I made some of my best friends through my challenge groups and over time my mindset changed, my body changed and I finally was a success story.


3.  I need a system:  I am the type of person that needs a schedule to follow, a meal plan to duplicate and proven results for me to believe!  I am not the type of person that can make up my own program.  Shoot- I have my degree in Sports Medicine/Exercise Science!! And I hate putting together my own workout routines! I love to be active, just not making my own stuff. I want to know that if I do X,Y and Z I will get the results of those in the infomercial.  I love that every Beachbody Fitness Program comes with a nutrition guide to help me eat for the workout I am doing!  I love that Beachbody has the awesome food storage containers so that I am eating the right amount of food each day.  It truly takes the guesswork out of my nutrition. This is after  all the hardest thing to change and Beachbody does a killer job at tackling that with ease!


4.  Shakeology is not a protein shake or a weight loss shake or a temporary fix.  I will be honest, I was skeptic!  I had never drank a protein shake or meal replacement before Shakeology.  I didn’t see the value or the investment in my health as necessary. But I gave it 30 days and much to my surprise I had more energy, I didn’t have my mid afternoon slump, I had less cravings for sweets and I was staying on track because it was 1 meal each day I didn’t have to think about.  I could tell hit was helping me with my thryoid problems and it was helping me get ‘regular.’ AND- I really believe it’s what has helped me with my abs 😉

It was quick, convenient, easy to grab and go and I was having more success with my nutrition because if I was out and about instead of grabbing fast food I had my shake.  If I was running late in the morning instead of a coffee and muffin at the gas station it was Shakeology!  I was saving myself from all the little things that previously threw me off!

Plus it was nutrition that I wasn’t getting before.  I was healthier, I performed better with my workouts and now it’s my daily multivitamin. Truly my mindset has changed to a health shake and never a weight loss or protein shake!



5.  Challenge groups are my way to stay accountable. As a coach, I am just as accountable to myself as I am to my challengers.  As a coach I stay on track because I know I am leading by example.  I know that because I am out here leading the way I get to every single day inspire others to make a change in their lives.  I get to PAY IT FORWARD! When I started coaching, 3 years ago my goal was to help 1 person feel the same way I did when I achieved my results.  This is my WHY and driving force to continue leading the way with the very best fitness and nutrition programs I can offer!!!!

I have decided to do a “Fall Back to You” Support and Accountability Group where I share with you all of the tips and tricks that have worked for me in controlling my anxiety, speaking positivity into my life, journaling and the power of nutrition in your mental health!  I am not an expert or a doctor but I have dealt with this for as long as I can remember (even as a child) and I am determined to help others do their best to keep it at bay just by changing daily habits!  I am going to support, encourage and cheer you on to becoming a stronger version of the already AWESOME person that you already are!  Does that sound like something you would like to do?


If that is the case here is what I am going to do!

On September 19th we will start our “pre season” which is our plan and prep week!  I am going to create a closed online Facebook Support Group where each person is required to join!
Each person is required to make me their free coach on TeamBeachbody.  You can do that here:  Create A Free Account .  Now- since I am doing P90X3 it is going to be my program of choice to have each of you do it with me because we go through so many different workouts it is great to learn what you really love with each technique. But if you would rather choose another Beachbody Fitness program, that will be fine and I can help you with that as well.

Secondly, each person is required to replace 1 meal a day with Shakeology.  Either breakfast, lunch or dinner.  There is no right or wrong meal you can replace Shakeology with.  It’s truly whatever meal you struggle with most.  Shakeology is not a protein shake, but it is a high quality, nutrient dense meal that has the right protein and carbohydrate ratio to keep you full for 2 and a half to 3 hours.  You can still use your protein powders post workout or as a supplement but this is different, shakeology is a meal.  I find that people get better results, have decreased cravings for sweets, it keeps your blood sugar stable and you are healthier!  It’s the nutrition that most do not get from their food in one glass.

I am also going to teach you how to plan out your meals, help you with some healthy snack ideas, breakfast, lunch and dinners.
Together we are going to work to give you a well rounded healthy balanced mind and body perspective on your health and your mental health. The program is 6 weeks long! You are required to check in daily to the group and report your progress with your food and your workouts.

  • Does this sound like something you would like to do?
  • If you are interested please complete the application below to be considered for a spot in the group.
  • Space is limited and it’s first come first to commit get the spots.

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