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Week 3 and 4 P90X3 Progress and Meal Plan

Good morning!!!! It’s a GREAT DAY to have a GREAT DAY!!! I actually started week 5 of P90X3 this morning! But I will not be recapping this week until Sunday!  SO! I am combining the last 2 weeks into this blog post for the updates I have promised!!

So I was in Destin, Florida hosting a leadership retreat for my incredible Team Leaders on September 15-19 and it was beyond incredible! I kept up with workouts there, but I did miss 3 of my P90X3 workouts and just did a live workout with my #crew!!! So there’s that. And I was FAR FROM ON POINT with my nutrition last week and I feel like I’m still paying for it! Sugar seriously affects us in CRAZY WAYS!! But, it’s part of life and we want to make sure that we are REAL and living a lifestyle! Right?!! So it’s really that 80/20 rule that I live by! 80% of my meals are WHOLE REAL FOOD and 20% of the time- I eat the darn donuts ladies!! And ice cream! I am not going to deprive myself!


Let’s start with WEEK 3!!

Week 3 was a repeat of the first 2 weeks.

Day 1- Total Synergistics.

A total body workout routine that has you working pretty much every muscle. From plank work, to pushups, some pull ups and abs– it’s all covered! And in 30 minutes you’re covered in sweat and feeling amazing! There is a modifier in every one of the workouts, so don’t ever feel like you need to be advanced to do this program. You can literally be someone who is just starting out, but you want to do something for YOU! This is for anyone ready for a change.


Day 2- Agility X.

Talk about feeling like I’m training for the Olympics or something! This side to side jumps, squats, lunges, high knees– it makes me feel like a bad@$$!!!! And no matter what your ability level- Tony talks you through every move and how to modify, intensify or do it at your personal best! It’s just another thing I love about Tony Horton!

And my secret weapon for early morning workouts- ENERGIZE! It is my life saver! I would not be able to get up every morning before the sun without it!


Day 3- Yoga.

It’s HARD. Hands down… I’m not super flexible and this is not in my comfort zone! So I’m saying that I know it is good for me, I know that my muscles need it, but me- I’m just going to have to keep practicing. This whole program gives me moves that I love and that i’m good at, one’s that i love and i’m not good at and ones that I really don’t like all around! But I do it because it’s part of the program and I know that I will IMPROVE! It’s all about mind over matter! And yoga makes me feel so long and lean!! I’m just super sore from it because it takes a lot of work! GREAT workout! Just different than lifting weights!




Day 4- The Challenge.

This workout will humble you. Trust me. No matter what your ability level is- this one will kick some butt. It’s a push pull sequence for 30 minutes.. which ultimately means that you are doing push ups and pull ups back to back for 30 minutes! All different variations of the moves. Some wide grip pull ups, some close grip, regular, chin ups, etc. And if you are someone (like I used to be) who can’t do a pull up yet- then all you need is a resistance band to hang over a door and the modifier will show you how to do them that way! Still a killer workout none the less. And push ups range from regular, military, wide stance and gahhh the list goes on! Basically- my arms kinda feel like they are going to fall off by the time I’m finished, but I secretly love it because…. I KNOW that I am working my muscles and definition will come!



Day 5- CVX.

Talk about cardio with weights! A low weight. One 5 pound dumbbell.. but man on man, that 5 pound dumbbell has my sweating like crazy in this 30 minute routine! You will be standing, on the floor, doing abs, arm work, leg work and more! It’s the total body workout package! And did I mention- you’re gonna sweat?!

This is the workout that I MISSED BECAUSE OF MY RETREAT AND A GROUP WORKOUT!! We did a T25 workout together and it was FUN < 3 So I still got a total body workout with that, but it was not with weights.!! AND we did BEACH OLYMPICS in the evening and that was TOUGH!! Crab walks, wheel barrels, army crawls, runs, etc in the sand!!! FUN, but a DEFINITE WORKOUT!



Day 6- The Warrior.

I love the warrior! It goes from an upper body move, to a lower body move to abs repeat, repeat, repeat!!!! By far- my jam!!  This workout will get you in TIP TOP SHAPE for sure!! I missed this workout at our retreat too because we had some great coaches leading some FUN workouts at our beach house! So we did a 22 MINUTE HARD CORPS workout that we EQUALLY HARD compared to The Warrior!! We love our Tony Horton 😉 So these workouts are THE BOMB DOT COM! 🙂


Day 7- Rest Day or Dynamix.

So I did not workout on Sunday! I took it as rest day and walked on the beach at sunrise! I mean- that is the most calming and peaceful thing to do- ever! I could LIVE on the beach! I tried to spot some dolphins, but they weren’t out that morning!!



Basically Thursday-Sunday evening I ate WHATEVER I WANTED!! I did fill up on veggies when I could because it was a health and wellness retreat! So we didn’t go overboard too badly!! Nothing fried or anything like that! But a few too many carbs, margaritas and CAKE! Have I mentioned that I LOVE CAKE and usually don’t turn it down if it’s homemade from Betty Crocker or Duncan Hines?!!! Yeah- it’s totally a weakness and I eat it about every other week! Cheat TREAT 🙂


Okay- back to the subject!



What does that mean? It means that we take it down a notch with the crazy workout moves and for a week it is more yoga, balance and stretching focus!! I really love it even though it’s a mindset game because we always feel that we need to be go go go and doing as much as we can with every workout- when in reality, with the right program, that isn’t the case! It was a total body workout everyday for sure, just not so much high intensity stuff like week 1-3!

Day 1- Isometrix

So I got this workout done LATE on Monday because I traveled home from Destin in the morning. I did a T 25 workout with my CREW before departing!! But- I new I wanted to get back on track with X3!! Can we say holy planks, side balance, leg lift, arm lifts, yoga poses and more! I was a ball of SWEAT. The moves were challenging, but easily modified as well by following the modifier if you can’t do it full out. All in all, great moves and a great 30 minute workout!!




Day 2- Dynamix

So I pretty much have this one down pat because it is the optional workout on Sundays and i’ve done it a few times. It is really stretching and just enough to get your body moving and limber. It helps reduce muscle soreness for me and I really like the stretches that are done in this 30 minutes. A few parts remind me of yoga, and really it’s up and down movements and slower pace. A few of my favorite moves— plank, lunge push ups, hip circles and double quad stretch! it was a good day!



Day 3- Accelerator

Okay- this one was pretty intense! I have to say– cardio at it’s finest. Lunges, planks, glute work, oh boy!! My LEGS WERE ON FIRE!!!! Insert the ‘this girl is on fire’ music 😉 It was a GREAT workout and I had a huge sweat fest! X jacks, balance burpees, joel jumps… where do these names come from? hehe!! Either way. I’m a burpees for the WIN girl. I don’t LOVE doing them, but I do LOVE the way it trims and slims my body!!! So no complaints here!! 30 minutes FLEW!! I love quick workouts!! That give me abs 😉



Day 4- Pilates X

This is pretty self explanatory I think. It’s pilates.. but hard! Lol!! Breathing techniques take OVER and I really have to focus! Because my quads and entire MID SECTION BURNED for 30 minutes!! My abs SCULPT with this workout because the core is engaged the whole time. It’s a good one!! I do find myself getting ‘bored’ because of the slow moves, but I KNOW they are effective so I have to work to stay in the mindset zone. Again- can’t beat a great workout in 30 minutes.



Day 5- CVX Here we go AGAIN!! It’s just the perfect way to end a week.. with a KILLER WORKOUT that is honestly not my fave ONLY because it is SO DARN HARD! So, I embrace it knowing I will improve every time!!Talk about cardio with weights! A low weight. One 5 pound dumbbell.. but man on man, that 5 pound dumbbell has my sweating like crazy in this 30 minute routine! You will be standing, on the floor, doing abs, arm work, leg work and more! It’s the total body workout package! And did I mention- you’re gonna sweat?!

AND- I got through the workout KNOWING I was going on a shopping spree to Nike and I was going to get some new kicks 😉 A reward for completing MONTH 1 of this program!!! Any excuse for new shoes is a good enough reason for me 😉


Day 6- Yoga X

Okay.. I KNOW it is needed! I KNOW it is good for me! I KNOW it is a WEAKNESS that I need to strengthen!!! But it still gets me every time! I have like squirrel brain! And YOGA IS HARD!!! I WILL get better every time I do it and I won’t stop! It’s hard people. Do the Yoga 😉 And this morning I made sure to SWEAT for more because every sweat matters. I had a friend endure the loss of her unborn child and that has really threw my emotions off. No parent should ever have to go through that, so prayers have been flowing for she and her husband.


In the afternoon my hubby and kiddos took our bikes to the beach and rode several miles along the sidewalk by the ocean! It was fun, peaceful and definitely a great way to burn a few more calories! Loved every second of it!


Day 7- DAY OF REST. Or Dynamix.

I went with coffee and reading first. It fills my cup to slow down and take Sundays to stretch and plan out my week ahead. It is a stress reliever and helps me to focus on what I need to do vs. what I don’t have to do. It’s a win win and I love my Sundays!!!





I’m not perfect and never try to be. I’m always just trying to make progress. Please DISREGARD the 21 DFX at the top. I reuse meal plans sometimes when I LOVED the plan that I had made!! And this was one that was a HIT with the whole family!! On Monday we ordered veggie pizza so we didn’t have to cook.. so we didn’t do the turkey burgers. I did have a huge side salad with my 3 pieces of Papa Johns pizza! NO REGRETS!! And then Saturday we did go out for ice cream and hot dogs! But other than those two switches and cheat treats- that was it! Rest was on point. So that is really what the 80/20 rule is all about. Following your meal plan with clean eating and then 1-3x a week you have a little cheat MEAL- NOT a cheat day!! Remember that!! And remember your goals! I’m okay with a few extra treats sometimes because I am in MAINTAIN mode. When I was on a mission to lose my last 15-20 pounds- I ONLY had 1 cheat MEAL a week. That was it!!


Moderation is key!!



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